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Baby Girl Names: Elegant, Exotic, Unusual

by Pamela Redmond

If you’re looking for baby girl names that are unusual but not weird, international yet familiar, we’ve pulled together this list to suit your style.

All these names are below the Top 1000 baby names in the US. They hail from a range of cultures, from the Italian Flavia to the Irish Fia, the Hebrew Shira to the Arabic and African Aziza.

You may recognize a handful thanks to their star connections: Ilaria is the name of Alec Baldwin‘s Spanish-born wife, for example, and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds named their younger daughter Ines just last year. The African-born daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is named Zahara, and actress Uma Thurman got her name from a Hindu goddess.

Here, 31 baby girl names that are exotic, elegant, and eminently usable.

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Baby Name News: Stormy and Sweet

By Clare Bristow

There are lots of sweet, friendly names in the news this week, plus inspiration from French pet-owners and a whole alphabet of storm names.

Winter storm names from A-Z

Have you seen The Weather Channel’s list of winter storm names for this year? It’s not an official list like the tropical cyclone names decided by the World Meteorological Organization, but The Weather Channel says that naming a storm helps to communicate information about it. And it’s always fun to look at a list of names.

At a glance, it could almost be a nursery register. There’s Noah, Liam, Riley, Chloe (not Colbert)… in fact, 16 letters of the alphabet have names in the US Top 100. Of the others, 3 are in the Top 1000: Frankie, Toby, and high climber Kalani. The rest are outliers below the Top 1000, some of them way below: Benji, Inga, Polly, Uma, Wilbur, Xanto and Yvonne.

All those popular names and diminutives give the list of storms a rather cuddly feel, which I’m not sure is the desired effect – but maybe using well-loved favorites will help the public engage more with messages about the storms?

If you’re looking for a more obviously weather-related name, there are lots of ideas on this list.

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Celebrity Baby Names: Gunner and Lux

By Clare Bristow

This week’s news includes celebrity baby names with impact, inspiration from real-life birth announcements, and how sports fans name their kids.

Long-expected starbaby names

The Hills alums Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt dropped hints months in advance about what they wanted to name their baby. Spencer said it had to be a flashy, flashy name that isn’t even in a Google search” and that wasn’t taken on social media. This week they welcomed their son, Gunner Stone.

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September Berry Baby Name Picks

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Wow!  I think this might be the biggest and greatest month for berry baby name announcements yet!  In fact, they were so numerous and with so many great backstories, that I couldn’t use all of them in full, and so I invite you to go over to the Baby Announcement Forum and check them out.  You’ll find Eliza and Elodie and Elowen and two Heros among the girls and Orion and Otto in the boy column, and many other happy surprises.

And we also have some multiples:

Beautifully matched boy twins Logan Frost and Ethan Snow

and QUADRUPLETS Hero Florence Habersham, Asa Hugo Milledge, Theodore Bastian Powell and Penelope Beatrice Clayborn!

Here’s the complete list of submissions:

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Baby Name News from All Over

By Clare Bristow

In the news this week: more on the British name data, colorful predictions for a Kardashian baby, and starbaby names from down under.

England and Wales: Arlo is hot, Nigel is not

It’s a big time of the year for looking at name trends in Britain, as the top baby names in England and Wales in 2016 were released last week. Here are some of the best stories about them.

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