Celebrity Baby Names of January: Cypress Night and Freddie Reign

Celebrity Baby Names of January: Cypress Night and Freddie Reign

By CaraMichelle

The January baby names of the stars include several high-profile highlights:

Marissa Mayer, president and CEO of Yahoo!, gave her twin girls the lovely and exotic names Marielle and Sylvana.

Jack Huston went for the dramatic, Van Gogh-ish Cypress Night, Tyra Banks for the stylish York Banks, Michael Bublé for the classic Elias (brother of Noah)

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, after a tangle of media misinformation, revealed that the actual name of his son is Freddie Reign.

Also of interest: the name Love Lily and the sibset Django, Djordan, Djaeda and Djanai. And two Bowies born in the month the singer died; I’m sure there are many more to come.

Here’s the full list of January baby names used on starbabies:

Twin Names

Aengus JeffreyGus and Henry BarnabyHarry (Chris Smith and Susie Burrell)

Lara and Alegría, sisters of Lola (Manuel Agudo Durán “Nolito” and Laura Durea)

Marielle and Sylvana, sisters of Macallister (Zack Bogue and Marissa Mayer)

Girl Names

Adele (Andrea and Consuelo Masi)

Adira (Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji)

Angel Onosetale, sister of Henry and Purity (f) (Prince Odianosen Okojie and Mercy Johnson)

AnnaRose (Pierre Rabadan and Laurie Delhostal)

Aria Danielle (Chris Baker and Jamila Philips Baker)

Arya Hayden (Collin Dick and Diana Hayden)

Asia (Xavi Hernandez and Nunia Cunillera)

Audrey Olive Joan, sister of Darcy (m) and Elsa (Deborah Knight and Lindsay Dunbar)

Cara Sophia, sister of Sinead (Darcy and Raelene Byrne)

Cleo Patricia (Kane Douglas and Jennarly Viera)

Decker Kate (Kyle Bosworth and Kara Keough)

Eleanor (Joe and Lauren Kennedy)

Elvis AnnieJane, sister of Angel (m) (Lee and JessicaJane Stafford)

Florence May, sister of Ava and Elise (Joe King and Candice Accola King)

Georgia Claremont, sister of Magnolia (Melissa Painter)

Gracie, sister of Elsie and Harrison (Ronan Ryan and Pamela Flood)

Harper MadisonMaddie, sister of Hayden (m) and Marley (f) (Matt Evans and Katrina Farinas)

Indie Rae, sister of Ivy (David Warner and Candice Falzon)

Isabella Alexandra May, sister of Maud (Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor)

Jagger Rose, sister of Claudia and Jake (Anthony and Elle Watmough)

Jeanne, sister of Maximilien (Charles Michel and Amelie Derbaudrenghien)

Jemma Kate, sister of Oliver and Spencer (Michael Cooney and Jessica Collins)

Jolie Rae (Michael Caussin and Jana Kramer)

Juana LuisaLuna, sister of JuanLucho” and Johanna “Yohan” (Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos)

Liz, sister of Laura (Fabio and Barbara Da Silva)

Lola Rose Emma (Harry and Izzy Judd)

Love Lily (Preston and Kristen Brust)

Maddison Anne (Jace and Natalie Bode)

Mailynn Melina, sister of Milan (m) (Tom-Jelte and Evelien Slagter)

Maja (Nicola Boem)

Maria, sister of Manuela (Carles Puyol and Vanesa Lorenzo)

Matilda Judith (Andre and Kat Pagano)

Neyali Marlene, sister of Desley (m), Jemay (f), and Lealy (f) (Royston Drenthe and Zahra Bentaleb)

Nicola PatricePatrice, sister of Chelsea and Alex (m) (Patrick Garcia and Nikka Martinez)

Nora Vivienne (Kyle Shewfelt and Kristin Desilets)

Nyla Kelcey “Nyke” (Lloyd Lee and Shamcey Supsup)

Olivia Rose (Fritz Lee and Amy Connell)

Quinn Ivy (Jack and Karen Reed)

River Monroe, sister of Memphis (f), Wylei (m), and Jagger (m) (Corey and Margaux Parker)

Rozálie (Ondrej and Veronika Moravec)

Sofija, sister of Mihaljo (m) and Mila (Milos and Mirjana Krasic)

Vega, sister of Raul and Alba (Alvaro and Carlota Arbeloa)

Verena (Jelle Klaasen and Nanke Meester)

Yzatis, sister of Dione (m) (Bafetimbi and Anais Gomis)

Boy Names

Ace Wells, brother of Riley (f) and Kaela (Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss)

Beckham Everest (Matt Giraud and Aleena Hamilton)

Bowie, brother of Milan, Vince, and Justin (Stijn and Lonneke Schaars)

Bowie Taylan, brother of Grace and Lola (Howard Donald and Katie Halil)

Brett, brother of Sienna (Dex Elmont and Nalini Radhakishun)

Casimir Latrille (Tom Gossin and Jaime Moffett)

Christian, brother of Mário (Mário “Kuly” Kollár and Lucia Nováková)

Cooper, brother of Skylar (f) (Maud Mulder and Gelvin Straal)

Cruz Achille, brother of Nina (Tommie Porter and Mara Schiavocampo)

Cypress Night, brother of Sage (f) (Jack Huston and Shannan Click)

Dash Edward, brother of Nate (Alisa Fraser)

Davi, brother of Arthur (André and Suelem Santos)

Django Vista (Jamie and Ana Sierota)

Djulian Bryant, brother of Djordan (m), Djaeda, and Djanai (f) (Marion “Pooch” and Linda Hall)

Dodge Billy, brother of Archie, Buster, and Rowdie (m) (Nathan and Bonnie Hindmarsh)

Dorian, brother of Ariah (Miguel Angel Moya and Patrizia Ruiz)

Dylan Hudson (DeMarco and Clarissa McClain)

Elias, brother of Noah (Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato)

Evgeniy Evgenievich (Evgeniy Garanichev)

Felix Henry (Lee Odenwalder and Ann Colbert)

Freddie Reign (Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth)

Jasper (Dennie Damaro and Nathalie Prins)

José Bowie (Tania Llasera and Gonzalo Vilar)

Joshua (Dennis Ruyer)

Jules (Adrien Théaux)

Kit Joseph, brother of Kai and Klay (Wayne and Coleen Rooney)

Leo (Peter and Lisha Scanavino)

Leopoldo Mattia, brother of Louis, David, and Pietro (Gigi Buffon and Ilaria D’Amico)

Luke Alden, brother of Kingman (Baron Davis and Isabella Brewster)

Martin (Martin Chodúr and Ivona Seníková)

Mateo James, brother of Jayson (Jeffrey Gouweleeuw and Edana Bernal Koelma)

Mathi, brother of Lukas, Manon, and Lalou (Mathieu and Ludivine Debuchy)

Max William (Ryan Miller and Kelly Cartwright)

Miller Alexander (Alex Glenn and Jemma Morgan)

Mitchell Oliver (Scott Perry and Michelle Lensink)

Nasir Chakur, brother of Nyale (m), Nahmier (m), and Navyi (f) (Nate Robinson and Sheena Felitz)

Nolan, brother of Alexandre, Emery (m), Liva, and Mila (Arnaud Lagardere and Jade Foret)

Paul Tony (Paul Knightley and Sam Faiers)

Pharell (Aurelie Van Daelen and Emilien Barbry)

Riaan, brother of Roman (Kyle and Annie Walker)

Rigney Cooper (Keifer and Shawna Thompson)

Seni (Kalidou Koulibaly and Charlene Oudenot)

Stan (Kenny Dehaes and Romina Planckaert)

Stean (Johan and Aletia Goosen)

Talon (Landon Donovan and Hannah Bartell)

Tom (Aurore Jean)

York (Erik Asla and Tyra Banks)

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