German diminutive of Elisabeth
"pledged to God"

Elsa Origin and Meaning

The name Elsa is girl's name of German origin meaning "pledged to God".
Lost in limbo for decades and decades, Elsa now stands a good chance of following along in the progression from Emma to Ella to Etta, thanks to the ice queen heroine who "Let It Go" in the wildly popular Disney movie Frozen. The name shot all the up to Number 286 (its highest ranking since the 1890s) in the year after the release of the movie, though it's now dropped back down the list in the US.

Elsa has international credibility, ranking in the Top 100 in countries as diverse as Sweden, Spain, and France. If Elsa, is just too Frozen for you, sister name Elsie is also on the rise, especially popular in English-speaking countries.

Elsa came into English-speaking use in the nineteenth century, boosted by Wagner's operatic bride in Lohengrin—the first to walk down the aisle to the famous wedding march. For a while Elsa took on a leonine image via the lioness in the popular book and movie Born Free, but that's all but forgotten. Elsa has lots of varied and interesting human namesakes, including designer Schiaparelli, writer Morante, Bride of Frankenstein Lanchester (born Elizabeth). Read more about Elsa and other Disney Princess Names in our featured blog.
# 994 in the US

Elsa Rank in US Top 1000

Elsa Popularity

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Famous People Named Elsa

  • Elsa MaxwellAmerican writer and socialite
  • Elsa Sullivan LanchesterEnglish character actress
  • Elsa MartinelliItalian actress
  • Elsa PerettiItalian jewelry designer
  • Elsa BarkerAmerican writer
  • Elsa Pataky (born Elsa Lafuente Medianu)Spanish actress and model
  • Elsa Anna Sofie HoskSwedish model who bears a striking resemblence to Disney's Elsa the Snow Queen
  • Elsa von FreytagLoringhoven, German,American artist and poet
  • Elsa SchiaparelliItalian fashion designer
  • Elsa LunghiniFrench pop singer
  • Elsa BenitezMexican model
  • Elsa Yur'evna Triolet (born Ella Kagan)Russian,French novelist
  • Elsa Einsteinsecond wife and cousin of Albert Einstein
  • Elsa Augusta Diehl (b. 2009)daughter of actors August Diehl and Julia Malik
  • Elsa Torresdaughter of Spanish football player Fernando Torres

Elsa in Pop Culture

  • Elsa the Snow Queenmonarch of Arendelle in Disney's "Frozen"
  • Elsa The Pteranodon in "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story"
  • Elsa mother of Bruno in "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas"
  • Elsa Bannistermain character in movie "The Lady from Shanghai"
  • Elsa Schraeder ("the Baroness")character in "The Sound of Music"
  • Elsa the Lionesssubject of book/movie "Born Free"
  • Elsa Van Helsingcharacter in Disney movie "Frankenweenie"
  • Elsa FrankenteenFrankenstein's monster's daughter in the movie 'Scooby Doo & the Ghoul School'
  • Elsa Quinncharacter in movie "My Zinc Bed"
  • Elsa of Brabantmain character in Wagner's opera "Lohengrin"
  • Elsa Cleegcharacter on animated series "Kim Possible"
  • Elsa de Sicacharacter in manga/anime "Gunslinger Girl"
  • Elsa Shiverscharacter in movie "I Know What You Did Last Summer"
  • Elsa Marscharacter in "American Horror Story: Freakshow"
  • Dr. Elsa Schneiderlove interest in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"
  • Elsamain character of Jacqueline Wilson's 'The Bed and Breakfast Kid'
  • Elsavillain in children's TV show "Power Rangers: Dino Thunder"
  • Elsa Gardnercharacter in TV show "Atypical"
  • Elsa Lichtmanncharacter in video game L.A. Noire
  • Elsa Rankfortcharacter on the podcast "Voyage To The Stars"