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Feminist Names for Boys

By Clare Green

You’re a feminist. Great! You want to give your child a name with feminist values. Fantastic!

It’s a boy…hmmm.

It’s relatively easy to come up with feminist girl names inspired by strong females like women’s rights activists, scientists or writers, to name but a few. But for boy names, you may need to think outside the box.

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By Clare Green

Valentine’s Day baby names come in many forms, from the obvious Valentine/Valentina, through names that mean love like Esme and Cerys, to those with a more subtle connection.

Today, we present word names on a Valentine’s theme. Modern English word names are a style that just keeps growing, and the twelve on this list are a mix of rising favorites and rarities still waiting to be discovered. Although they all link to Valentine’s Day, they’re lovely names for February babies or indeed, those born every day of the year.

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Colorful Baby Names: Violet, Navy and Grey

By Clare Green

This week’s news includes an assault on the senses with colorful and tasty names, what’s hot in Sweden and the Netherlands, and changing your mind on your baby’s name.

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Science Fiction Baby Names

a Name Sage post by: Abby View all Name Sage posts

Their love of science fiction and fantasy literature has inspired two great names. Let’s help them choose something with just as much magic for their third child!

Claire and Kyle write:

We’re expecting our third baby and having a great deal of difficulty picking a name.

We have a literary theme going with our kids: Ender Grey and Lyra Yvaine. We hope to continue the tradition by also naming this one after strong literary figures from science fiction and fantasy.  It’s no secret that we prefer unusual names, and we also want everyone in the family to have a unique first initial.

Our surname is unusual, and starts with an S, so names that end with an ‘s’ or ‘x’ sound don’t work.

Names we’ve considered include: Doyle (family name) Xavier, nickname Dex, but my husband doesn’t like Doyle or Xavier on their own. I love Arietta/Arrietty, but he only likes the nickname Ari. Names I like but he does not: Odette, Maeve, Rue, Taran, Thorin, Gawain. Names he likes, but I’m not on board: Ione, Ryker.

Are there any names that you or the nameberry community can think of that might fit the bill?

The Name Sage replies:

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Striking Midnight Names for the New Year

By Clare Green

The countdown is on! On New Year’s Eve, many people will celebrate by staying up late, watching the clock and waiting for midnight: the moment when the old year ends and the new one begins.

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