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Ghost Names for Babies

by Sophie Kihm

Whether or not you actually believe in ghosts, it’s hard to deny that a ghost name would be ideal for a baby born around Halloween. And I’m not talking about Casper, Jacob, or Helena, all ghosts from popular culture. Today we’re looking at ghost names for babies of the supposedly real ghosts that walk among us, haunting our cities and towns after their tortured pasts.

Of course, many of their stories are tragic enough that the superstitious among us might think twice before naming a child after one of these ghosts. But for true fans of the supernatural, a baby name with a ghostly backstory could feel just right.

Here, ten “real” ghost names for your Halloween baby.

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Sister and Brother Names

brother and sister names

by Pamela Redmond

Sister and brother names are female and male names that are so closely related they feel like (but aren’t always) variations of the same name.

In this age of gender fluidity, we see this happening more and more: girl names becoming more popular on the strength of a similar-sounding boys’ name, or boy names whose star rises on the stylishness of a girl name.

It doesn’t really matter, in the end, which gender’s popularity comes first. More and more, related male and female versions of a name rise hand-in-hand through the popular names charts.

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16 Super Superhero Baby Names

by Emma Waterhouse

It’s a fact: superhero baby names have never been cooler.

Even without the meteoric resurgence of the Marvel film franchise over the past decade, superhero-inspired names encompass so many of the hottest baby name trends of the past few years: from celestial names (Venus, Nova, Orion) to badass names (Blaze, Rogue, Leviathan) to striking gender-neutral options for both sexes (Phoenix, Solstice, Raven).

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Best Boy Names Starting with C

By Linda Rosenkrantz

The category of boy names starting with C is one of the most bountiful and captivating in the alphabet.  There’s truly something for everyone, from classics to notable namesakes to names from nature, mythology, history and the arts and pop culture.

Here we pick some of the best boy names starting with C in various classifications.

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Color Names for Babies

by Linda Rosenkrantz

When it comes to color names for babies, the royal color purple offers more appealing variations than almost any other in the rainbow. By far the most popular is sweet floral Violet, which, after resting quietly for many decades started to rise again, especially after it was chosen by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck in 2005. And it’s now in the Top 50, at #43, and 24 on Nameberry.

But there are many other wonderful purple-hued choices beyond Violet, from the soft lavender and lilac to the vivid magenta and fuchsia.

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