French from Latin
"lame; enclosure"

Claude Origin and Meaning

The name Claude is a boy's name of French origin meaning "lame; enclosure".

Claude is a soft-spoken French name that conjures up the pastel colors of Monet and harmonies of Debussy. In France, it is used for girls as well, in fact in the Tracy Chevalier novel Lady and the Unicorn, the protagonist is a female Claude.

Claudes have appeared in such iconic movies as Chinatown and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Actor Simon Baker has a son named Claude Blue.

A French classic, Claude was also a top 100 name in the U.S. until 1922.

The attractive Italian version Claudio is occasionally heard in this country, and Claudius is the original Latin--which could be restored in the current Latin-loving climate. While "lame" is the most widely-acknowledged meaning, some etymologists theorize that the name may relate to the word for enclosure or clause, an alternate meaning that may appeal to a child with a form of this otherwise-appealing name.

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Famous People Named Claude

  • (Oscar)Claude Monet, French impressionist painter
  • (Achille)Claude Debussy, French composer
  • Claude KellyAmerican singer,songwriter
  • (William) Claude RainsEnglish actor
  • Festus Claudius "Claude" McKayJamaican,American novelist
  • Claude Elwood ShannonAmerican mathematician
  • Claude MakéléléFrench footballer
  • Claude LéviStrauss, French anthropologist
  • Claude Picassoson of painter Pablo Picasso
  • Claude SimonFrench novelist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature
  • Claude CohenTannoudji, French physicist; winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Claude Blue Bakerson of actors Simon Baker and Rebecca Rigg
  • Claude GirouxCanadian hockey player
  • Claude Indiana Emmanuel Hansonson of American musician Taylor Hanson

Claude in Pop Culture

  • Claude GianniRay's best friend on Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Claude Frollocharacter in Victor Hugo's Notre,Dame de Paris (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  • Claude Faustuscharacter in the anime/manga Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler
  • Claude von Rieganhouse leader in video game Fire Emblem Three Houses

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