American place-name
"settlement of free men"

Charleston Origin and Meaning

The name Charleston is a boy's name of American origin.

Lovers of the languid South Carolina city might be attracted to this rich-sounding name. Could make an interesting update on Charles -- and can certainly work for a girl too. Actor Joey Lawrence used it for his daughter.

Famous People Named Charleston

  • Charleston Lawrence (b. 2007)daughter of actor Joey Lawrence

Charleston in Pop Culture

  • Charleston Tuckerfemale character on TV's "State of Affairs"
  • CharlestonSouth Carolina, USA
  • Charleston House in East SussexUK, was the home of the famous 'Bloomsbury Group' of writers and artists, including Virginia Woolf, it has freestyle wall murals painted by Vanessa Bell, and was still lived in by the grandchildren of the group on the 1990s
  • Also a girl's name