100+ Best Bohemian Baby Names

100+ Best Bohemian Baby Names

by Pamela Redmond Satran

Bohemian baby names are what a lot of parents are looking for today. A name that’s both creative and down-to-earth, that’s outside the boundaries of tradition but isn’t trying too hard to be hip.

Names of Bohemian heroes and heroines, real and imagined, fit the bill. So do many nature names, international names, and quirky choices. Bohemian baby names are usually on the unusual side, but not always: Such popular choices as Zoe, Dylan, and Ruby qualify.

But which are the best? We’ve narrowed it down to a selection of our favorite Boho names for each letter of the alphabet.

Bohemian Names for Girls and Boys

A — Anais, Arlo, Asa, Auberon, Aurora

B — Bear, Bee, Bodhi, Booker, Briar

C — Cassius, Celestia, Clyde, Coco, Cyan

D — Dahlia, Dashiell, Djuna, Domino, Dylan

E — Edie, Edison, Elowen, Enzo, Estelle

F — Fabian, Faye, Felix, Fern, Freya

G — Gaia, Gemma, Gertie, Gianni, Gus

H — Hank, Hart, Hazel, Hero, Holden

I — Iggy, India, Inigo, Ione, Ivy

J — Jasper, Jessa, Jonah, Juno, Justus

K — Kai, Kalinda, Kiara, Kit, Knox

L — Lavender, Lionel, Liv, Lucian, Luna

M — Mac, Mae, Magnolia, Mazarine, Milo

N — Natasha, Nell, Nico, Nile, Noa

O — Olga, Ophelia, Orion, Otto, Ozzie

P — Pax, Pearl, Percy, Phoebe, Posy

Q — Quincy, Quint

R — Raphael, Remy, River, Romeo, Ruby

S — Saffron, Sasha, Sebastian, Skye, Stellan

T — Teo, Tess, Thalia, True, Twyla

U — Ulysses, Una, Urban

V — Vale, Van, Vesper, Vita, Vivienne

W — Wilde, Willa, Winston, Winter

X — Xanthe, Xen

Y — Yael, Yara, Yasmin, Yuri

Z — Zander, Zara, Zaylie, Zeb, Zephyrine

What names do you think we could add? Any you’d subtract?

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