Boho Baby Names Defy Convention

Boho Baby Names Defy Convention

Boho baby names are free-spirited, creative and down-to-earth – qualities that many modern parents aspire to for their children. Blending elements of art and nature, spirituality and cosmopolitanism, bohemian names defy convention and boast an adventurous, individualistic flair.

Designer Savannah Miller, an early promoter of the boho aesthetic, describes a true bohemian as "someone who has the ability to appreciate beauty on a deep level, is a profound romantic, doesn't know any limits, whose world is their own creation, rather than living in a box."

It's an attractive image for our increasingly polarized, increasingly online times.

There’s also big element of retro-cool to the boho aesthetic in 2024. At its peak in the early noughties, boho chic was popularized by celebrities like Sienna Miller, Mischa Barton and the Olsen twins. For parents who grew up with floaty dresses, fringed ankle boots and floppy sunhats, boho style feels appealingly wholesome and nostalgic. 

Little wonder, then, that boho baby names are cooler and more creative than ever! The freshest bohemian names draw inspiration from the natural world; from art, music and literature; and from travel and culture.

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Here are 100+ of the best boho names for girls and boys.

Boho Girl Names

Earthy Boho Girl Names

Many of the coolest boho girl names are drawn from nature – but not every nature name fits the bill! To qualify, names need to feel fresh, quirky and unexpected. Think Lilac rather than Lily, Prairie rather than Savannah, January rather than April.

Artsy Boho Girl Names

Artistic boho girl names are inspired by music, literature and art, and may honor trailblazing creative heroines or heroes. The iconic first and last names of figures like Anaïs Nin, Frida Kahlo and Billie Holliday provide a rich source of inspiration.

Dreamer Boho Girl Names

The bohemian lifestyle is one of openness, curiosity, travel and adventure. Dreamer girl names exemplify this wandering spirit. They range from far-flung place names like Galilee and Tupelo to spiritual names like Selah and Irie, and include options from a diverse range of cultures.

Boho Boy Names

Earthy Boho Boy Names

Nature-inspired boho boy names are drawn from the earth, sky and ocean, and include the names of plants, animals, stars and planets. The quirkiest earthy boy names aren’t just unexpected due to their rarity – they also subvert gender expectations. Think Juniper, Fern or Indigo.

Artsy Boho Boy Names

From painting, sculpture and photography to pop, jazz and reggae, the creative arts provide almost endless inspiration for bohemian boy names. Famous figures like David Bowie, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Henri Matisse lend themselves to little namesakes.

Dreamer Boho Boy Names

Boy names that encapsulate the adventurous bohemian spirit include options that allude directly to travel, such as Atlas, Mariner and Peregrine. You could also take inspiration from place names both real and fictional, like Caspian, Florin and Ravello.

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