Aboriginal, Australian
"tree bark or leaf"

Kirrily Origin and Meaning

The name Kirrily is a girl's name of Aboriginal, Maori origin meaning "tree bark or leaf".

Kirrily, which rhymes with cheerily, is a name that's uniquely popular in Australia. It originated in recent decades as an elaboration of several similar names – the European Kyra or Keira, the Maori Kiri which means tree bark, or the Aboriginal word kira which means leaf – plus the lee sound. Both Aboriginal actress Kirrily Nolan and Australian fashion designer Kirrily Johnston have helped popularize the name, which has spawned a countless number of spelling variations. Kirrily is one of the unique baby names to watch.

Famous People Named Kirrily

  • Kirrily JohnstonAustralian fashion designer
  • Kirrily NolanAboriginal Australian actress
  • Kirrily WhiteAustralian actress