Baby Name DNA: Bohemian

The Bohemian Type

The Bohemian Type

If the Bohemian type is dominant in your Baby Name DNA, you may be a visionary when it comes to baby names along with everything else. Your favorite names are warm and lovable, down-to-earth and emotionally appealing, yet also unique in every sense of the word.

If You're a Bohemian

People with the Bohemian type dominant in their Baby Name DNA profile are visionaries when it comes to baby names and the rest of their lives. If your Name DNA type is primarily Bohemian, you may have pursued a career that allows your creativity and uniqueness to shine. Perhaps you work as an artist or musician, chef or tattoo artist.

Bohemians are drawn to things that tell a story, from the clothes they wear to the items they bring into their homes. These collections are eclectic, colorful, and brimming with personal significance. People strong in the Bohemian type like to stand out from the crowd, but never above it, preferring to maintain an approachable presence.

In their role as parents, Bohemians encourage their children to explore themselves and the world around them. They foster limitless imaginations in their children, who are taught that there are no restrictions on what they can achieve. The Bohemian parent relishes seeing the world from a child’s perspective.

If you’re a parent whose Name DNA is primarily Bohemian, you probably delight in your child’s quirks and make sure they know that it's wonderful to be different. You teach your children to reserve judgment of others and treat everyone with compassion and dignity.

As a Bohemian name lover, you want your children’s names to have deep and personal meaning behind them. But rather than using an old family name, you may choose a name that honors a loved one or hero in a more original way: Marigold, after your mother’s favorite flower, or Ziggy, in honor of your musical hero.

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Bohemian Names

Names that fit the Bohemian Baby Name DNA type are unique in every sense of the word: both unusual and unconventional. Yet Bohemian names are also warm and lovable, down-to-earth and emotionally appealing. A Bohemian name may help your child be an individual, creative and unique, yet may also make them likable and help them connect with their peers.

Bohemian names include unique nature names like Dove and Hawk, occupational names such as Dancer and Drummer, and word names like Story and West. Intriguing and down-to-earth, many out-of-the-box Bohemian names can work for both genders and indeed frequently cross conventional gender lines, with boys named Honor and girls called Bowie or Puck.

Individuality is important to Bohemian names, with a strong emphasis on nonconformity. A rare name that is relatively new to the pool of options — such as many place names and word names — may imbue these values in a child from the very beginning.

Some Favorite Bohemian Names

Bohemian Lists

Celebrities with Bohemian Names

Billie Eilish

Diablo Cody

Jamaica Kincaid

Kit Harington

Rebel Wilson

Tiger Woods

Celebrity Kids

Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin)

Birdie (Busy Philipps)

Rumi (Beyoncé & Jay-Z)

Strummer (Julia Stiles)

Zuma (Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale)

Fictional and Historic Figures

puck bohemian

Eleven, Stranger Things

Jovie, Elf

Puck, A Midsummer Night's Dream


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