"from the yew estate"

York Origin and Meaning

The name York is a boy's name of English origin meaning "from the yew estate".

Brisk, preppy York is an underused classic with the potential to really shine in the 21st century. It's most familiar as a place name — York is a city in England — and surname. New York City and State were named after the Duke of York.

The most notable York in history was an enslaved man who was the only Black member of Lewis and Clark's expedition. York was a key member of the journey, skilled in hunting, medicine, and other survival skills. He was also invaluable in Native American diplomacy. At the end of the expedition, Clark denied York's freedom and instead sold him black into slavery.

Despite the sad ending to York's story, he is an American hero with a name worthy of consideration.

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Famous People Named York

  • YorkAmerican explorer, member of the Lewis and Clark expedition
  • York Banks Aslason of model and TV personality Tyra Banks
  • Lucas York BlackAmerican actor
  • Taylor Benjamin Yorkguitarist in American rock band Paramore
  • Dick YorkAmerican actor
  • Michael YorkEnglish actor
  • Alvin Yorkone of the most decorated American soldiers in WWI
  • The Duke of YorkBritish royal title

York in Pop Culture

  • Charlotte Yorkcharacter on "Sex and the City"
  • Agent Yorkfreelancer in web series "Red vs. Blue"
  • Alvin Yorkeponymous character in the film "Sergeant York"
  • Vossler York Azelascharacter in video game "Final Fantasy XII"
  • York Silkcharacter from the video game 'Blaseball'
  • York Peppermint Pattychocolate mint candy
  • YorkEngland
  • New York StateUSA
  • New York CityN.Y.

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