YOOR-ee or OO-ree
"my flame, my light"

Uri Origin and Meaning

The name Uri is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "my flame, my light".

This short but strong name, commonly heard in Israel, has a lot of crossover potential, and is among the most usable on the minuscule menu of U names.

The are two Uris in the Old Testament--the father of Bezalel, an artisan blessed with the skill to create the meeting tent and ark of the covenant for Moses, and the father of Geber, one of the twelve officials who provided nourishment for Solomon. Uri is a symbolic name for boys born on Hanukkah.

Notable bearers: Uri Geller, self-proclaimed paranormalist known for his spoon bending on "The Tonight Show;" and prize-winning children's book writer and illustrator Uri Shulevitz.

Longer related names: Uriah, the archangel, and Uriel.

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Uri Popularity

Famous People Named Uri

  • Urisinger in Ezra's day (Ezra 10:24)
  • Uri Gellerillusionist
  • Uri CaineAmerican classical and jazz pianist and composer
  • Uri Horowitzbrother of actress Winona Ryder
  • Franz Uri BoasGerman/American anthropologist

Uri in Pop Culture

  • Uri Reisscharacter in anime "Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin"