"God is my father"

Abiah Origin and Meaning

The name Abiah is a girl's name meaning "God is my father".

Abiah is a Biblical name that appears for both female and male figures. It may be considered the same as the name Abijah in the Bible; one female Abijah was a queen and ancestor of Christ. Abiah may also be considered a relative of the Arabic name Abia. However you spell or pronounce it -- a - BY -a or a - BEE - a -- this name can be an original way to the nickname Abi.

Famous People Named Abiah

  • Abiahwife of Hezron and mother of Ashur of the tribe of Judah (1 Chr. 2:24)
  • Abiah (Folger) Franklinmother of U.S. Founding Father Benjamin Franklin
  • Abiah Maude DarbyEnglish Quaker minister
  • Abiah Palmer Rootfriend and correspondent of American poet Emily Dickinson

Abiah in Pop Culture

  • Abiah Ringercharacter in "As Far As Mill Springs" by Patricia Pendergraft