Hindi, Hebrew
"queen; she is singing"

Rani Origin and Meaning

The name Rani is a girl's name of Hindi, Sanskrit origin meaning "queen; she is singing".

Rani, alternatively spelled Ranee, is the female equivalent of Raja in Hindi. In many Indo-Aryan languages it can mean "queen" or "lady". The Hebrew version is used for both genders in modern Israel. Actress Kate Hudson and director Danny Fujikawa named their daughter Rani after Fujikawa's late father, whose name was Ron.

Rani Popularity

Famous People Named Rani

  • Rani MukerjiIndian actress
  • Rani PadminiIndian actress
  • Rani (born Nasira)Pakistani actress
  • Rani Agrawal (born June 141991), Indian actress.
  • Rani Bhabani (born 1716 – died 1795)Indian philanthropist and zamindar.
  • Rani Chandra (born October 121976), Indian actress and winner of the Miss Kerala pageant.
  • Rani Chatterjee (born November 31984), Indian actress, dancer and presenter.
  • Rani Chitralekha Bhonsle (born February 261941), Indian political and social worker.
  • Rani GaidinliuIndian activist, spiritual and political leader.
  • Rani Hamid (born 1944)Bangladeshi chess player.
  • Rani Karnaa (born 1939)Indian dancer.
  • Rani Maria VattalilIndian catholic religious, activist and missionary social worker.
  • Rani Mundiasti (born October 41984), Indonesian badminton player.
  • Rani PriceBritish television presenter.
  • Rani Rampal (born December 41994), Indian field hockey player.
  • Rani RashmoniIndian activist, businesswoman, philanthropist, zamindars and founder of the Dakshineswar Kali Temple.
  • Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa (b. 2018)daughter of American actress Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa

Rani in Pop Culture

  • Rani Chawlacharacter in the movie Resident Evil: Degeneration
  • Rani Kapoorcharacter from Australian TV soap "Neighbours"
  • The Rania Time Lady from "Doctor Who"
  • Rani Chandracharacter on British TV series "The Sarah Jane Adventures"
  • Rania fairy in the Disney Fairies series
  • Rania lion from the Disney show "The Lion Guard"