Aryeh Origin and Meaning

The name Aryeh is a boy's name meaning "lion".

Aryeh, which can also be spelled Arye or Arieh, is a Biblical name sometimes heard in modern Israel. In the US, this is the most popular spelling by far, given to 100 boys last year. But the girls' form Ariyah is much more popular than that, given to nearly 500 baby girls.

Aryeh Popularity

Famous People Named Aryeh

  • Aryeh Moshe Eliyahu KaplanAmerican Orthodox rabbi
  • Aryeh Makhlouf DeriIsraeli politician
  • Aryeh "Lova" EliavIsraeli politician
  • Aryeh NeierGerman,American cofounder of Human Rights Watch
  • Aryeh EldadIsraeli politician and physician
  • Aryeh Abraham FrimerIsraeli chemist
  • Aryeh Tzvi FrumerPolish rabbi
  • Aryeh KunstlerAmerican singer,songwriter