Popular Boy Names

Popular boy names right now on Nameberry feature many traditional names, including the Irish mythological Finn, the ancient Roman Atticus, the Biblical Silas and the buttoned-up Theodore. Of course, popularity in baby boy names is always changing, but we bring you the most current name data.

Some major baby name trends in boys' names affecting the popular boy names list right now include boy names that end in O such as Theo and Otto, ancient names such as Cassius and Atlas, Biblical names such as Ezra and Asher. And Lucifer (really) is also is in this group.

Are parents really giving their sons word names like Danger? Yes, especially when they have a connection to nature. Top boy names in this class include River, Archer, Phoenix, and Beau.

Nameberry's top boy names are updated monthly to give you an (almost) real-time look at the names that are most popular among our visitors. If you want to know what parents will be naming their boys this year -- or next! -- check out this list of most popular boy names.

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If you're looking for more rare and unusual names, jump to our list of unique boy names.

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