Ozias Origin and Meaning

The name Ozias is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "salvation".

Everyone says they want an unusual name — well, if you truly do, this is one with Biblical cred that fits the bill, with the added attraction of the user-friendly nickname of Oz or Ozzie. Ozias is the name of several minor figures in the Bible. Osias is another spelling.

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Famous People Named Ozias

  • Oziasson of Joram, father of Joatham (Matthew 1:8)
  • Ozias LeducCanadian painter
  • Ozias HumphryEnglish painter
  • Ozias Mather HatchAmerican politician
  • Ozias BowenAmerican politician and judge
  • Ozias Ferreira Alves JuniorBrazilian footballer
  • Ozias Linleyson of English composer Thomas Linley