Scottish form of Gaelic Eoghan
"born of the yew tree"

Ewan Origin and Meaning

The name Ewan is a boy's name of Scottish origin meaning "born of the yew tree".

This appealing name has a good chance of catching on due to the popularity of Ewan McGregor, and the trend towards Gaelic names in general. Pronunciation is YOO-un.

Ewan has a complex family tree, with connections to John, Owen, Hugh, Evan and Eugene. Other spellings are Ewen, Eoin and Euan.

In Willa Cather's novel My Mortal Enemy, there is a character called Ewan Gray.

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Ewan Popularity

Famous People Named Ewan

  • Ewan Gordon McGregorScottish actor
  • Ewan MacColl (born James Henry Miller)British folk singer,songwriter
  • Ewan MorrisonScottish novelist and screenwriter
  • Ewan ChristianEnglish architect
  • Ewan PearsonEnglish music producer
  • Ewan Robert Geoffrey O'Dowdson of Erin Boag & Peter O'Dowd

Ewan in Pop Culture

  • Ewan O'Harathe brother of main character Juliet O'Hara, on Psych.