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Foster Origin and Meaning

The name Foster is a boy's name of English origin meaning "forester".

Foster is one commonly heard last name that makes a fine first. The word foster means "to nourish" — as in "fostering hope", or "fostering a relationship". The only problem with Foster might be its association with "foster child."

There are numerous notable last-named Fosters, including composer Stephen, actresses Jodie and Sutton, architect Norman, and comic strip artist Hal, creator of "Prince Valiant."

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Foster Popularity

Famous People Named Foster

  • Foster BrooksAmerican actor/comedian
  • Foster William HewittCanadian sportscaster
  • Foster Lonnie CampbellJr., American politician
  • Harry Foster ChapinAmerican singer/songwriter
  • Norman Foster Ramsey Jr.winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Parker Foster Aikenson of singer and politician Clay Aiken
  • Stephen Collins Foster"the father of American music," American songwriter
  • Ben FosterAmerican actor
  • Hunter and Sutton FosterAmerican actor siblings
  • Jodie FosterAmerican actress.

Foster in Pop Culture

  • "The Fosters" TV series
  • Foster Lambertcharacter in horror movie "Insidious"
  • "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" animated series
  • "Ellen Foster" novel by Kaye Gibbons and movie
  • Foster the PeopleAmerican alternative band
  • Foster'sAustralian lager beer
  • Fosterdog on soap "General Hospital"
  • Court Fostercharacter in the 1991 movie "The Man in the Moon"
  • Rita Fostercharacter in 2002 movie "Cypher"
  • Robert Fostermain character in the adventure game "Beneath a Steel Sky"
  • Michael Fostercharacter in 2013 movie "The Call"
  • Sophie Elizabeth Fostercharacter in "Keeper of the Lost Cities" by Shannon Messenger
  • Foster Blakecharacter in Elizabeth Enright's children's novel "Gone,Away Lake"