"elder tree forest"

Elwood Origin and Meaning

The name Elwood is a boy's name meaning "elder tree forest".

The "el-" sound is red-hot these days, and a myriad of place names and surnames give this name a wealth of possible namesakes. The main drawback is its kinship to the name of the hero of the Legally Blond series, Elle Woods, though that will fade with time.

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Elwood Rank in US Top 1000

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Elwood Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Elwood Popularity

Famous People Named Elwood

  • Elwood HaynesAmerican inventor and metallurgist
  • Elwood Richard QuesadaU.S. Air Force general and baseball team owner
  • Elwood Stanley BrownAmerican sports organizer
  • Elwood Halesson of Kacey Ainsworth & Darren Hales
  • Elwood Jack Owenson of Emma Ferguson & Mark Owen

Elwood in Pop Culture

  • Elwood P. Dowdmain character in the play and movie 'Harvey'
  • Elwood Bluesone of The Blues Brothers