The Beautifully-Named Babyberries of November

Atlas Bram & Axel Wyatt, Aurora June and Aurelia Marigold

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Some particularly delicious November baby names used by our Berries last month—the doubly golden Aurelia Marigold, a Juniper and a Juno, an Atlas and an Axel, two middle-place Magnolias, first and middle name Shepherds, and a new critter name– Owl.

There were two pair of twins: Adrienne Joelle and Carson Ned; and boys Samuel David and Joel Harner.

We’d like to offer special congrats to one of our favorite guest bloggers, Brooke Cussans, on the birth of Atlas Bram!


Addison Elara

Adrienne Joelle, twin sister of Carson Ned and sister of Owen

Arden Emilia, sister of Tate Aoife, Ellison Zara, Valencia Rhian, Cameron Isla, and Daley Cecilia

“We called her Arden due to my daughter Tate finding a gymnast online called Arden and suggesting it as her pick. I definitely think this baby has been the hardest to name as we didn’t want to repeat initials.”

Aurelia Marigold

“We chose Aurelia because of the golden meaning (and our daughter is fair as we expected), its timeless nature, and the fact that it wouldn’t be easily nicknamable, which is a consideration when you live in Australia! Marigold is special because our daughter is born in spring, my great-grandmother was called Goldie all her life, and my favourite book as a little girl was Marigold in ‘Grandmother’s House’.

Aurora June, sister of Tallulah Charlotte

“She was almost Aurora Clemence, but it seemed too heavy of a name for our bubbly bundle.”

Daphne Jemima Rose, sister of Soren Sebastian Freesman, Leonora Mary Louise and Phoebe Elizabeth Galleher

“The new baby was referred to as “the Duck” by her big brother all the way through pregnancy and we live on a duck farm so we have gone the whole duck with DaphneDaffyJemima “Puddleduck” but also together the names imply the triumph of peace, much-needed in our world today and Rose because she is a Rose by another name.”

Edith Magnolia, sister of Tobias Maxwell

Edith, as it turns out, was my great-great-grandmother’s name, so our goal of an honor name was met.”

Inara Raisa, sister of Aksara Safiyya

“Her older sister was named Aksara Safiyya, and we wanted to get a name with similar meaning. Aksara means alphabet in Sanskrit, and to us it symbolizes knowledge. Safiyya (I found this gem from nameberry, thanks), is Arabic for friend…In the end we went with Inara—Arabic for enlightenment, bringing light into the dark…Raisa—Arabic for leader.”

Iris Jacquelle, sister of Milo Efrem and Reva Whitney

“Despite the big sibs insistence that their new sister should be called “strawberry ice cream,” we named Iris Jacquelle after mom’s uncle Ira and dad’s grandfather Jack.”

Juniper Owl Owendell, nn Juno

“Our favorite tree and bird name and Owendell is the Celtic variation of the German Wendell, which was my great-grandmother Mildred’s maiden name…we wanted her to always have a little piece of her grandmother with her.”

Juno Kaitlin, sister of Faithlyn Juliet

Lucinda Rose, sister of Evan Alexander, Holden Travis and Maeve Ryan.

Tess Magnolia, sister of Lilla Clara and Vivienne Grace

“Finding a middle name to work with Tess is a bit of a challenge…but then landed on Tess Magnolia. It has vintage charm, a good bit of spunk and enough southern flair to fit with our older girls.”

Winnimere Ruth

“My husband and I were looking for something distinct, that could be shortened and had meaning for us. We love Vermont. We love cheese. The nickname Wim is a short form for William which honors both my late father and my husband’s. Mere is also the Maori tribe’s form of Mary which honors my mother.”

Zelda Nadine

We decided on Zelda for a girl because it’s a strong name which works well considering our English and German heritage. We went with Nadine because we love its meaning ‘hope’ together with Zelda’s meaning happiness.”


Alastair Ingram, (nn Ace), brother of William Ray and Verity Sakura

Anders Gabriel, brother of Esme AmelieCharlotte and Livia Maude

After a serious case of cold feet we weren’t able to decide on one final name, and we took multiple names with us to the hospital. Anders, an old love of ours, turned out to be his name.”

Atlas Bram

Bram we decided on early in our TTC journey. We both love horror and reading so we loved the literary/horror connection. Because my name is Brooke though I wasn’t super keen on a Br name as his first name. Atlas grew on me after I wrote a blog post on it…I love that it is a strong name, especially now that our boy will need to be strong to keep growing…and that together the initials of our little family is A (him) B (me) and C (DH).

Axel Wyatt, brother of Olive Daisy and Flynn Alexander??

“When we saw him, we knew that he was something a little bolder than Silas or Elias.”

Carson Ned, twin brother of Adrienne Joelle and brother of Owen

Graham Lewis

Lewis is an old family name that had been converted to Lewise (pronounced Louise) several generations ago and passed down to the female members of my family. Lewise is my middle name, so we re-converted it back to Lewis for our baby boy!

Griffin Andrew, brother of Sullivan Henry and Truman Anthony

Jasper Augustine Wolf

“We chose Jasper because we adore the name and the vintage feel it exudes. We went with Augustine for his middle name because when my husband and I were dating we would discuss names for fun. He and I both happened to love August, but we did not really like the flow of Jasper August. We ended up looking at other forms of August on Nameberry and when we came across Augustine we knew it was perfect.”

Joel Harner, twin of Samuel David and brother of William Evan

Lachlan Henry Gray

“When my husband and I first started dating, we took a trip to Scotland. Both of our paternal grandfathers were Scottish and so, in the tried and true fashion of all visitors to Scotland with Scottish blood, we looked up our respective clans. We were delighted to discover that my clan was a subset of his clan. We’ve always joked that we are kissing cousins, which we find amusing as I am a white Canadian Jew and he is a mixed race Church of England Brit. We wanted to honour our shared Scottish heritage, and so settled on Lachlan—a name with strong history.”

Samuel David, twin of Joel Harner and brother of William Evan

Shepherd Lester Artemis

“We were down to Bartholomew or Shepherd…but as soon as we met baby boy I knew he wasn’t a Bartholomew. The feeling I got from that name was more active and moody, like a stormy sea. Shepherd gave me a sense of peace and guidance, which I felt from him…Artemis was a name we had discussed for him but didn’t like enough to use as a first name.”

Van Edison Harper, brother of triplets Jack August Hopper, Hugo Thackeray Fox and Emmeline Amelia Story

“I’m the first to say it doesn’t classically fit with his siblings’ names, but to me they are all fun and laid-back kind of names which are perfect for our little beach babes.”

Walter Dayton, brother of Henry James

Walt is named after our paternal grandfathers and already living up to their legacies by coming out tough, quick and handsome.”

Zachary Shepherd Bradley, brother of Katherine Sophia, Jeffrey Mark and Dean Everett

Please don’t forget to enter your names on the Birth Announcement forum–even if they occurred earlier in the year.  We love hearing your choices!!

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7 Responses to “The Beautifully-Named Babyberries of November”

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sarahmezz Says:

December 9th, 2015 at 11:57 pm

Beautiful names as per usual! Favourites…

Aurelia Marigold
Aurora June
Daphne Jemima Rose
Edith Magnolia
Iris Jacquelle

Alastair Ingram
Anders Gabriel
Jasper Augustine Wolf
Lachlan Henry Gray
Samuel David

Favourite sibsets (I normally only list five, but there were so many great ones this month!):

Antonia and Lachlan
Esme, Livia and Anders
Evan, Holden, Maeve and Lucinda
Henry and Walter
Soren, Leonora, Phoebe and Daphne
Tallulah and Aurora
Tobias and Edith
William, Verity and Alastair

detailsgirl Says:

December 10th, 2015 at 12:24 am

I put our daughter, Winnimere Ruth, in the birth announcements on Nov 27. Is there a reason she isn’t on this blog post?

linda Says:

December 10th, 2015 at 1:56 am

@detailsgirl. Just an oversight–sorry–she will be added.

bluejuniper Says:

December 10th, 2015 at 3:07 am

Thank you Linda & Pam! And congratulations to my fellow new parents!

indiefendi2 Says:

December 10th, 2015 at 9:39 am

How can I pick a favorite? All these names are exactly what I like! I have heart eyes right now.

Berries did amazing


ZoeyBrina Says:

December 10th, 2015 at 12:36 pm

Arden Emilia
Aurelia Marigold
Inara Raisa
Juniper Owl Owendell nn Juno
Zelda Nadine

Atlas Bram
Axel Wyatt
Jasper Augustine Wolf
Shepherd Lester Artemis
Zachary Shepherd Bradley
…. are my favorites! but such an amazing month of well named babyberries!

VelvetCrush12 Says:

December 12th, 2015 at 3:10 pm

FYI, Lachlan Henry Gray is a brother for Antonia Eloise Gray. Love the names this month!

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