Pisces Baby Names

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by Sophie Kihm

Names for Pisces babies are likely to relate to water, as Pisces is one of the water signs of the zodiac and is symbolized by the fish.

There are plenty of purple and blue hues that would be fitting as Pisces baby names, inspired by the sign’s associated gemstones, Amethyst and Aquamarine. In astrology, Pisceans are known for their creative, gentle, and loving natures, so any names related to those qualities would work well as Pisces baby names.

Names that mean water are also right for a baby born under Pisces. Along with Brooks and River, other popular Pisces baby names that rank in the US Top 700 include Finn, Jordan, Marina, Teagan, and Pearl.

If you are looking for names for a Pisces baby, browse the options here.

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