"broad meadow or large-chested"

Brady Origin and Meaning

The name Brady is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "broad meadow or large-chested".

The Irish name given to Miranda Hobbes's son on the dearly departed Sex and the City is a friendly and energetic choice. You well might want to make your son part of the Brady bunch.

Brady has been a well used boys' name since the turn-of-the-last-century Diamond Jim Brady days.

Brady Fuller is a young werewolf in the Twilight" series, but there were more notable Bradys bearing it as a surname, including Civil War photographer Mathew, press secretary James, and quarterback Tom--in addition of course to Mike, Carol, Greg, Marsha, and Jan et al.

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Famous People Named Brady

  • Brady Kevin AndersonAmerican baseball player
  • Brayden Tyler "Brady" QuinnAmerican NFL football player
  • Brady Lee EllisonAmerican Olympic archer
  • (Patrick) Brady SmithAmerican actor
  • Brady Paul PoppingaAmerican NFL football player
  • Brady Goodwin Jr. aka PhanaticAmerican rapper
  • Brady Patrick HokeAmerican college football coach
  • Brady John HaranAustralian filmmaker
  • (John) Brady KieslingAmerican diplomat
  • Brady VilcanAmerican reality TV contestant ("The Biggest Loser")
  • Brady SealsAmerican country singer of Little Texas and Hot Apple Pie
  • Brady LangeAmerican fashion designer & contestant on "Under the Gunn"
  • Braeden "Brady" Shaw (b. 1992)son of ice hockey player Brad Shaw
  • Brady Sheppard (b. 1993)son of former Miss America Kellye Cash and Tom Sheppard
  • Brady Glasser (b. 1997)son of actor Adam Glasser of TV's "Family Business"
  • Braeden "Brady" Tkachuk (b. 1999)son of ice hockey player Keith Tkachuk
  • Braydon Hart "Brady" Wilkerson (b. 2008)son of actress Melissa Joan Hart
  • Brady Taylor Burch (b. 2015)son of TV journalist Wendy Burch
  • Brady Ocean Terenzi (b. 2015)son of singers Marc Terenzi and Sarah Connor

Brady in Pop Culture

  • Brady Blackcharacter on American soap "Days of Our Lives"
  • Brady Langcharacter from the movie "Arlington Road"
  • Brady Bloodworthcharacter from the movie "Bloodworth"
  • Brady Fullercharacter in the Twilight Saga
  • Bradycharacter from the video game "Fire Emblem: Awakening"
  • Bradya character from "Pair of Kings"
  • Brady Hobbesson of Miranda Hobbes and Steve Brady on TV's "Sex and the City"
  • Bradyfamily name on TV's "The Brady Bunch"
  • Brady Tucker is the name of a main character in Nora Roberts’ story “Unfinished Business”

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