Finnish and Scandinavian variation of Erasmus
"beloved, desired"

Rasmus Origin and Meaning

The name Rasmus is a boy's name of Dutch, Finnish origin meaning "beloved, desired".

Form of ancient name newly popular in Eastern Europe. Virtually unknown in the U.S. but with its philosophical roots and uplifting meaning, seems prime for use. The Rasmus is a Finnish rock band

Rasmus Popularity

Famous People Named Rasmus

  • Rasmus B. AndersonAmerican author, professor, and diplomat
  • Rasmus Bille BahnckeDanish songwriter, record producer and musician
  • Rasmus Bartholin (Latinized Erasmus Bartholinus)Danish scientist and physician
  • Rasmus BengtssonSwedish football player
  • Rasmus BengtssonSwedish ice hockey player
  • Rasmus BjergDanish actor
  • Rasmus ChristensenDanish football player
  • Rasmus ChristiansenDanish actor
  • Rasmus ChristiansenDanish soccer player
  • Rasmus DaugaardDanish football player
  • Rasmus EdstromSwedish ice hockey player
  • Rasmus ElmSwedish football player
  • Rasmus FaberSwedish music artist
  • Rasmus FleischerSwedish historian, musician, freelance journalist
  • Rasmus HansenDanish football player
  • Rasmus HansenDanish gymnast
  • Rasmus HansenNorwegian jurist and politician
  • Rasmus HardikerEnglish actor
  • Rasmus Grønborg HansenDanish football player
  • Rasmus Quist HansenDanish rower
  • Rasmus HarboeDanish sculptor
  • Rasmus HenningDanish triathlon athlete
  • Rasmus FalkDanish footballer
  • Rasmus FestersenDanish football player
  • Rasmus FloNorwegian teacher, philologist, magazine editor, translator and proponent for Nynorsk language
  • Rasmus FrandsenDanish rower
  • Rasmus GreenDanish football player
  • Rasmus HatledalNorwegian topographer and military officer.
  • Rasmus JensenDanish Lutheran priest and the first Lutheran cleric in Canada
  • Rasmus JonassonSwedish tennis player
  • Rasmus JönssonSwedish football player
  • Rasmus KaljujärvEstonian actor
  • Rasmus KatholmDanish football player
  • Rasmus KofoedDanish chef and restaurateur
  • Rasmus KofoedDanish cricketer
  • Rasmus Olsen LangelandNorwegian politician and minister
  • Rasmus Lerdorfprogrammer and creator of the PHP programming language
  • Rasmus LindgrenSwedish football player
  • Rasmus LølandNorwegian journalist, novelist and children's writer
  • Rasmus LyberthGreenlandic singer, songwriter and actor
  • Rasmus MallingHansen, Danish inventor, minister and principal at the Royal Institute for the Deaf, and one of the true pioneers of the 19th century
  • Rasmus MarvitsDanish football player
  • Rasmus MidgettUS Life,Saving Service surfman in North Carolina who single,handedly rescued ten men from the sinking barkentine Priscilla
  • Rasmus MogensenDanish fashion photographer
  • Rasmus Olai MortensenNorwegian politician and minister
  • Rasmus NielsenDanish football player
  • Rasmus Tønder NissenNorwegian politician
  • Rasmus NøhrDanish musician and guitarist
  • Rasmus NordbøNorwegian admminstrator and minister
  • Rasmus PettersenNorwegian gymnast
  • Rasmus QuaadeDanish road and track bicycle racer
  • Rasmus Christian RaskDanish scholar and philologist
  • Rasmus RasmussenDanish gymnast
  • Rasmus ReferDanish entrepreneur and businessman
  • Rasmus RistolainenFinnish ice hockey player
  • Rasmus Lauge SchmidtDanish handball player
  • Rasmus SchüllerFinnish football player
  • Rasmus SeebachDanish singer songwriter
  • Rasmus SindreNorwegian newspaper editor and politician
  • Rasmus SjöstedtSwedish football player
  • Rasmus SkylstadNorwegian diplomat
  • Rasmus Carl StaegerDanish entomologist
  • Rasmus SteinsvikNorwegian writer, magazine editor and newspaper editor
  • Rasmus StjerneDanish curler
  • Rasmus ThudeDanish singer and songwriter
  • Rasmus Andreas TorsetNorwegian politician
  • Rasmus VidebækDanish cinematographer
  • Rasmus WengbergSwedish badminton player
  • Rasmus WremerSwedish handball player
  • Rasmus WürtzDanish football player
  • Hans Rasmus AstrupNorwegian politician
  • Urban Jacob Rasmus BørresenNorwegian rear admiral
  • Peter Rasmus KragNorwegian engineer captain in the Norwegian Army and politician
  • Peder Rasmus LyngNorwegian politician
  • Ole Rasmus MøgsterNorwegian businessperson

Rasmus in Pop Culture

  • The RasmusFinnish rock band