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There are some celebrity kids’ names that are immediately embraced by other parents and become instant hits. Take Kingston, for example, the name chosen for personal reasons relating to the city in Jamaica by Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale: it had all the ingredients to make it a success– accessibility, likeability, a strong, familiar sound with regal overtones, plus extremely high-profile parents.

Another name with similar qualities is Maddox, the first son of Angelina Jolie, which first entered the popularity lists in 2003 and has been steadily climbing ever since. A few recent names—Honor (Warren), Clementine (Hawkes), Seraphina (Affleck), and Harlow (Madden) spring to mind—were direct hits, and seem sure to spread.

On the other side of the coin are those that were just as instantly rejected as too weird for everyday consumption: the Ikhyds, Banjos, Bandits, Pumas, Pirates and Peanuts.

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Celebrity Baby Names

At last! Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have finally announced the name of their newborn daughter: Seraphina Rose Elizabeth.

Seraphina‘s name, which means fiery or ardent in Hebrew, comes from the Seraphim, the high order of six-winged angels. Spelled Serafina in Spanish and Italian, this elaborately feminine name is in step with the Isabellas and Gabriellas so popular today, yet is far more distinctive.

Jen and Ben have proven their baby naming know-how with this gorgeous choice, a great match for Violet, and it’s sure to rise up the popularity list along with that of her big sister.  Much more unusual than Violet, Seraphina hasn’t ever appeared in the Top 1000 of the Social Security list in the past century.

Rose is the middle name du jour, a flower name match for Violet.  And, like many young Americans following the British tradition, the couple has chosen two middle names (although some people have already expressed the objection that it wasn’t fair for this baby to get one more than her big sister).

Seraphina hasn’t appeared much in popular culture references, though a couple of its variations have.  With the Latin  Serafina spelling, it was the name of the passionate heroine of Tennessee Williams The Rose Tattoo, and just last year it was a  character played by Eva Green in The Golden Compass.  It’s also reminiscent of Sarafina, the South African hit musical that played on Broadway in the 90s.

What do we think of Seraphina?  Let’s just say that we picked it as one of the Authors’ Favorites recommendations in The Baby Name Bible.

But do we have a winner in the Guess the Jennifer Garner Baby Name contest? Not a single one of the hundreds of entries picked Seraphina, though a lot of people did guess the middle name Rose.

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Jennifer Garner Baby Name: Vote Now!

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck welcomed their second little girl yesterday, joining big sister Violet Anne. Since the new Jennifer Garner baby name has not been announced, and as Violet‘s name has been so influential, we thought it would be fun to do a quick nameberry poll trying to guess the new baby’s name.

Violet‘s name can lead in several different directions. Using Violet as a starting point, do you think the new Jennifer Garner baby name will be:

A GENTLY OLD-FASHIONED NAME– An old-fashioned name like Beatrice or Eliza would go perfectly with Violet.

A FLOWER NAME — A lot of starbaby watchers are guessing the new baby will have another flower name, such as Iris or Daisy.

A HIPSTER NAME — Violet definitely has hipster cred, and her little sister might be Annabel, Matilda, or June.

A SWEET NAME — Violet‘s little sister might very sweetly be Grace or Willow.

A COLOR NAME — Violet is a color as well as a flower, so might the new Jennifer Garner baby be named Scarlett? Ruby? Turquoise?

What do you think? Vote here! And leave your best guess for the actual name. The first person who hits it on the nose (assuming there’s more than one) will get an advance copy of our upcoming book, Cool Irish Names for Babies!

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