Flower Names for Girls: The Ultimate Guide

Flower Names for Girls: The Ultimate Guide

Flower names for girls never go out of style, and for good reason! 

Floral girl names have a fresh femininity which has appealed to parents throughout the ages, but they can also make a meaningful choice. 

Choosing a seasonal flower name can be a sweet way to connect your baby girl to her month of birth. Traditional birth flowers are a rich source of inspiration: try Daisy for your April baby girl, or Poppy if you’re due in August.

In Victorian times, flowers were even used to convey secret messages between lovers, with each bloom having its own special meaning. Ivy, for example, stood for fidelity, while Tansy was a declaration of war!

There’s a whole bouquet of floral girl names to choose from – from cool classics like Lily and Rose to rarer blooms like Marigold and Celandine.

Read on for our ultimate guide to the best flower names for girls 2021.


Top Flower Names for Girls

The top flower names for girls all rank among the latest Top 200 in the US. Lily is the highest ranking floral name of the moment, and variants Lillian, Liliana and Lilly also make the list.

But Lily is actually on the decline right now, with rapid-rising floral names like Violet, Ivy and Leilani catching up fast.

Here are the Top 10 flower names for girls in the US right now.


Cool Flower Names for Girls

There’s no shortage of cool floral girl names for parents looking for something a little further off the beaten track. None of these rare blooms ranks in the current US Top 200 but all feel fresh and fashionable right now.

Some, like Briar, Dahlia and Magnolia, are already on the rise in the US. Others, like Cassia, Lilac and Saffron, remain under the radar… for now.

Here are some of the coolest flower names for girls now.


Unique Flower Names for Girls

Unique and unconventional flower names can make excellent quirky middle names. We especially love them paired with a more understated first, like actress Jenny Slate’s baby girl Ida Lupine. Swoon!

But if you’re feeling bold, many of these uncommon flower names would make for fantastic first names too. Several, like Bryony and Delphine, have already enjoyed some popularity overseas.

Here are some of the best rare flower names for girls.


Girl Names that Mean Flower

As well as the overtly floral baby names listed above, there are also many more girl names that mean flower. These range from the familiar, like Susannah and Zahrah, to the almost unknown, like Araluen and Vivendel

Girl names meaning flower could be a fun way to honor an ancestor with a floral name, or as a way of celebrating your family’s love of nature.

Here is a selection of the most intriguing international girl names meaning flower.

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