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Unusual Names for Boys: Below the Top 1000

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When I looked at the boys’ names just below the Top 1000, I was surprised that I was less surprised than I was when I surveyed the girls’ selections. There are a handful of attractive, stylish names here that I would have sworn were among the Top 1000 — most notably Theo, Gus, Finnian, and Dashiell — but many more that simply feel in tune with their more popular brothers.

As with the girls’ names, I’ve starred those I think are headed for greater popularity. But the more important point is that, if you’re searching for a name that is fashionable yet not epidemic, any of these would be perfect choices.

All of these names were given to at least 100 boys but fewer than 200 boys last year.  For the complete boys’ master list, with actual numbers for all names, go here.

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