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Girls’ Names 2010: Most Popular So Far

Three-quarters of the way through the year, we check in again with the most popular girls’ names 2010, nameberry style.

Once again, Charlotte heads the list of most-searched girls’ names on nameberry. In the number two spot is Violet, and former number two Seraphina has dropped to third place.

A note on tabulation: These lists represent the most-searched names on nameberry for January through September of 2010. Previously, we published the lists of most-searched girls’ names 2010 for the first half of the year, and before that for the first quarter.

This time around, a surprising 11 new girls’ names vaulted onto the Top 100. The newly-popular choices (in order of appearance on the list) are:

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What will baby names 2010 (and 2011, 2012, and onward) look like? We can get a lot of clues from which names are moving up fastest on the Social Security most popular names list of 2009.

While we reported the major news from the list earlier this week – Isabella climbing to number one for girls, with Ethan rising to number two for boys while longtime favorites Christopher and Matthew fell off the Top Ten – today we look deeper into the list to identify less obvious but perhaps more important trends in baby names 2010.

What we see:


We wouldn’t presume to claim sole responsibility, but the list does show that many of the nameberry-loved quirky classic girls’ names are clearly on the rise.  (A few of these, such as Charlotte and Penelope, are cited in the celebrity section.)  These include, in order of popularity (with 2008 popularity figures in parentheses):

EVELYN 39 (from 54)
AMELIA 55 (from 68)
ELEANOR 218 (from 256)
NORA 197 (from 216)
ANNABELLE 156 (from 188)

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Hottest Celebrity Baby Name Trends

Celebrity baby names can reflect or even launch naming trends in the general population.  Here, some of the hottest celebrity baby names and trends we see heating up right now:

Babies Named After Heavenly Bodies, Objects, And/Or Beings


MARSErykah Badu

LUNAConstance Marie

Stella LUNAEllen Pompeo

ScarletMelanie Chisholm & Thomas Starr

CIEL (French for sky) – Niki Taylor

Aven ANGELICAMatthew Settle

Journey JETTJenna Jameson

JETT HamiltonJill Scott

Petal Blossom RAINBOWJamie Oliver

Babies with Animal Names

BIRDIE WestMaura West

SPARROW James MidnightNicole Richie and Joel Madden

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