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Sci-Fi Names: Beyond Zorg and Zalga

Loyal nameberryite Linelei leads us into the arcane world of science fiction names.

As both a science fiction nerd and name nerd, nothing gives me greater pleasure than combining the two. Since I was a little girl, I adored not only the stories but the names within the fantastical plots, and collected them as I read. While there are many science fiction names which have a tendency to be hokey, conjuring up images of green men and relying a little too heavily on the letters Z, Q, and X, there are some fabulous gems to be found in the sci-fi realm.

For example, names like Kayen and Cade, both from the expanded Star Wars universe, would mesh nicely with a classroom full of Aidans and Cashes, while names like Serenity and River, from the sci-fi show, Firefly, resonate with current nature naming trends for girls. So here I present you with boy’s names from science fiction, old and new, well-known and obscure, that may pique your interest. After all, how much fun would it be to explain that your baby was named after a psychic alien who fought to save the galaxy from total annihilation?

Mass Effect:
KAIDAN – human soldier, one of the good guys
GARRUS – alien who teams up with the good guys
THANE – alien assassin, but still a good guy!
MALCOLM (MAL) – captain of the ship.
DERRIAL – Shepherd (preacher)
STARK – has the power to help souls pass peacefully into death
BIALAR – turned against the bad guys
TALYN – living, sentient ship
RYGEL – deposed leader of many planets
Chronicles of Riddick:
RIDDICK – Vin Diesel. Need I say more?
The Fifth Element:
KORBENBruce Willis’ character who saves the universe
VITO CORNELIUS – priest who assists Korben
Blade Runner:
DECKARD – main character, a Blade Runner
HOLDEN – another Blade Runner
TYRELL – genius who created the Replicants

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The Golden Globe nominations are out and the Oscar hopefuls will soon follow, but somehow or other they’ve neglected to even consider a key category: the most interesting, innovative character names of 2009.

So we’ve put together a list of possible nominees.  Of course, since there were more than 700 movies released (or about to be) this year, we couldn’t get to see every cast list of every native and foreign film, but we did look at most of the major releases.  In the list below, you’ll find some quirky sci-fi choices and exotic options from other cultures.  Some of the names will be familiar from previous Harry Potter and Twilight and Star Trek franchises, so we tread lightly there.  And there’s the usual caveat–we make no moral judgments, so both good guys and bad guys, saints and sinners are included.


AGNESS —  It’s Complicated

AUTUMN —  (500) Days of Summer

BLISS —  Whip It

CLARISSA The Lovely Bones

COCO —  Coco Before Chanel

CORALINE —  Coraline

CORBI —  Whip It

BELLATRIX —  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

ÉLOÏSE  —  Summer Hours

EMILIENNE —  Coco Before Chanel

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