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Most Popular Names Predictions?

Today’s Questions of the Week focus on the upcoming Social Security lists of 2010’s most popular names.

The announcements of the Social Security Administration’s popularity lists for 2010 are almost upon us.  So, time to place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, on what will be revealed.

What do you think will be the three top names for girls and boys?  Will Isabella and Jacob be overthrown?

Which names will make the biggest leaps—one girl, one boy?

Which name/names will drop out of the Top 10?

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It’s just a little over a week  till the new Most Popular Names list is announced, for 2009.  How do you think things are going to change?  Will Emma and/or Jacob be toppled from their top spots? What names will rise and which will fall?

Here, as refresher, is the Top Ten for 2008:


1. Emma (unseating Emily for the first time)
2. Isabella
3. Emily
4. Madison
5. Ava
6. Olivia
7. Sophia
8. Abigail
9. Elizabeth
10. Chloe (first appearance in Top 10)


1. Jacob
2. Michael
3. Ethan
4. Joshua
5. Daniel
6. Alexander
7. Anthony
8. William
9. Christopher
10. Matthew

So what do you think? Is it Jacob‘s turn to fall from the top? Any predictions on fastest risers inspired by celebrities or pop culture? What’s YOUR vision of the Top 10?

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trophyThanks to all of you for entering the Nameberry Mother’s Day Contest. Now that the SSA lists are in, we are able to declare the winners–which turned out to be more complicated than we expected. Largely due to Emma jumping into first place–and not Isabella, which most of you predicted– and the surprise appearance of wild-card Chloe at #10, no one was able to come up with a perfect list.

In fact, very few of you made the Emma- Jacob combo your top picks. The two entrants who did (and are coincidentally evidence of the wide range of the nameberry world), and who also successfully predicted a large proportion of the other Top 20 names are:

CATHERINE, a 19-year-old Pennsylvania college student already obsessed with names (her current favorites are Rufus, Johannes, Daphne, Lucy and Alice),  and

DIANE, a volunteer doula living in Florida, who is a ‘self-proclaimed name nerd’ and grandmother to boys named Jordan and Ian.

avaaidencoverThe winners get an advance copy of our brand-new book, Beyond Ava & Aiden, along with signed copies of three other name guides.  Runners-up are  the five perceptive people who picked 18 of the 20 top names (though not necessarily in the proper order)–their names will be posted shortly.

Wondering what  the most common sticking points were? On the girls’ list, it was including Addison, Hannah, Madeline, Lily, and/or Grace; and for the boys, Noah, Andrew, and triplets Aiden, Brayden, and Jayden.

But if we want to affirm our baby naming acumen: in last week’s poll, 71% correctly predicted that Jacob would stay on top and Emily would not.

And in the unlikely event that you somehow missed  the official list, here are the Top Ten for each sex:





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