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By Linda Rosenkrantz

On previous Presidents’ Days, we’ve looked at the first and last names of the Chief Executives, their wives and their children’s appellations.  So what’s left?

Their middle names! And in this era of middle-name mania, we think they merit our attention.

Many of the early people in this position did not have middle names, having come to the office before the practice became so prevalent. A significant number bore their mothers’ maiden names; a few others switched the first and middle and so became know by the name listed below.  One—Gerald Ford—changed his name completely.

So, if you don’t like any of the Presidents’ first or second name, here’s an alternative option.

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By Kelli Brady, at Name Freak!

In honor of President’s Day, I did some research on the popularity of U.S. Presidents’ names. Not their first names (sorry… no Chester, Grover or Barack in this article), but their last names. Here is a list of the ones currently ranked, whether or not the name is up or down from 2011, when it peaked, and information to show the possible correlation between peak of name and presidential term.  Ranks are listed for boys unless otherwise stated. Keep in mind that SSA rankings began in 1880.

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Presidents Day Names: The Veeps’ Turn

When Presidents Day rolls around, on our site and others, a lot of attention is paid to the influential names of our past presidents—Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Tyler, Taylor, Truman, Lincoln, Kennedy et al—and sometimes the names of their wives and children as well.  And so I thought that this year it might be interesting to take a look at their often forgotten Vice-Presidents, to see what noteworthy names we might find among them.

Of course several of them did step up to the presidency themselves.

Here are the best-named ones, along with the presidents they served under.

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