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By Abby Sandel

In just one more week, the US Social Security Administration will release the new Top 1000 list of popular baby names of 2016. It’s Mardi Gras meets the Super Bowl for name lovers, and we’ve all got our ideas about what the data will bring.

We’ve already shared some guesses about names to watch. Now it’s your turn: what will be the biggest debuts (or returns) to the charts?

Every year, around 90 of the names in the official Top 1000 weren’t there the year before. In some cases, they’re comebacks. Louisa and Frankie, Cordelia and Marjorie have all returned to the rankings after long absences for girls over the last few years. On the boys’ side, we’ve welcomed back Otis and Clyde, Louie and Gordon.

But for every retro revival, there are plenty of brand new names. And it’s often the brand new names that garner all the attention. They’re nearly always driven by the pop culture headlines of the previous year.

Still, it’s not always easy to guess which name will leap from obscurity to a high place on the charts.

That’s where you come in!

This year, we’re awarding prizes to the berries who pick the highest debuting boy or girl name. Each reader can guess one of each; the first correct comment for each gender wins.

The prize? Bragging rights, of course. But you’ll also choose between a private name consult with Nameberry’s Name Sage, or any one of the baby name books from our online store.

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JAre there any great girl names that aren’t in the Top 100? The Name Sage assures an expectant mama that there are plenty of gorgeous names that aren’t heard everywhere.

Sydney writes:

I am due this August with boy-girl twins. They already have a big sister named Summer Emilia.

In looking for girl names, I absolutely fell in love with Violet and was utterly heartbroken when I learned Violet is popular. Both my husband and I grew up with common names and are very against naming our children a popular name. Nothing in the top 100!

For our son, we love the name Dawson Gage. Gage is after my grandfather and Dawson is because partly because we love the name and partly because my husband’s name is David and Dawson means “son of David.” Dawson is ranked 239 on the Nameberry top 1000 so it is unique enough for us.

So now we are looking for a name to go with Summer Emilia and Dawson Gage but it seems like every name we like is within the Top 20. Names we love that are too common include: Violet, Harper, Isabella, Charlotte, Scarlett, Madison, Olivia, and Mia.

We are convinced that girls’ names out of the top 100 do not exist anymore! All beautiful names we find end up being wildly popular.

The Name Sage replies:

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By Kelli BradyName Freak!

You must be aware of the 2015 SSA top baby name list by now, but are you a bit confused by the #1 names? Maybe you hear a lot more “Jackson!” than “Noah!” yelled at the playground? Well, by combining the different spellings of each name, we can determine which name is truly more popular. Because when you hear a name, you don’t necessarily know how it is spelled, but you do know you hear the name a lot. Where does it really rank compared to other names?

Note: These are the combined spellings of the names in the Top 1000 only. When the numbers from the entire list are added, positions could change. The main name listed below is the spelling given to the most babies in 2015 (SSA Rank is in parentheses). The others are in alphabetical order. Opinions vary on how different spellings are pronounced. I went with my best judgment.


On the 2015 SSA list, Emma remains #1 in 2015 after taking over the top spot from Sophia in 2014. The rest of the Top 5 changes a bit, with Ava and Isabella switching places. However, the top 5 of the Playground Analysis has not changed from last year at all. Sophia is still on top when you add the alternate spelling Sofia. Emma is down to #3 after the variant of Olivia is also included. And Isabella passes Ava with its various spellings added. The changes between the SSA list and the Playground Analysis are plentiful however. The largest jumps that take place after adding the alternative spellings are by Adalynn (#123 to #9), Elena (#106 to #39), and Madelyn (#59 to #12). Adalynn also makes a huge jump in the Playground Analysis from 2014 to 2015 (#23 to #9).


  1. Sophia (3) – Sofia
  2. Olivia (2) – Alivia
  3. Emma (1)
  4. Isabella (5) – Isabela, Izabella
  5. Ava (4) – Avah
  6. Mia (6) – Miah
  7. Emily (8) – Emely, Emilee, Emilie, Emmalee
  8. Zoey (23) – Zoe, Zoie
  9. Adalynn (123) – Adaline, Adalyn, Addilyn, Addilynn, Adeline, Adelyn, Adelynn, Adilynn
  10. Amelia (12) – Emelia, Emilia
  11. Abigail (7)
  12. Madelyn (59) – Madalyn, Madalynn, Madeleine, Madeline, Madelynn, Madilyn, Madilynn
  13. Madison (11) – Maddison, Madisyn, Madyson
  14. Aubrey (21) – Aubree, Aubrie
  15. Charlotte (9)
  16. Chloe (17) – Khloe
  17. Riley (35) – Rylee, Ryleigh, Rylie
  18. Layla (30) – Laila, Lailah, Laylah, Leila, Leyla
  19. Avery (16) – Averi, Averie
  20. Evelyn (15) – Evalyn, Evelynn
  21. Harper (10)
  22. Ariana (46) – Arianna, Aryana, Aryanna
  23. Elizabeth (13) – Elisabeth
  24. Aria (29) – Ariah, Ariya, Ariyah, Arya
  25. Lily (25) – Lillie, Lilly
  26. Scarlett (22) – Scarlet, Scarlette
  27. Brooklyn (31) – Brooklynn
  28. Allison (39) – Alison, Alisson, Allyson, Alyson
  29. Addison (24) – Addisyn, Addyson
  30. Ella (18)
  31. Natalie (27) – Natalee, Nataly, Nathalie, Nathaly
  32. Leah (36) – Lea, Leia, Lia
  33. Grace (19)
  34. Victoria (20)
  35. Maya (69) – Maia, Miya, Mya, Myah
  36. Mackenzie (73) – Makenzie, Mckenzie
  37. Nora (41) – Norah
  38. Hannah (28) – Hana, Hanna
  39. Elena (106) – Elaina, Alaina, Alayna
  40. Lillian (26) – Lilian
  41. Kaylee (61) – Caylee, Kailee, Kailey, Kayleigh, Kaylie
  42. Camila (43) – Camilla, Kamila
  43. Hailey (64) – Hailee, Haley, Haylee, Hayley
  44. Kylie (66) – Kiley, Kylee, Kyleigh
  45. Anna (44) – Ana
  46. Sarah (58) – Sara
  47. Skylar (42) – Skyler
  48. Peyton (72) – Paityn, Payton
  49. Katherine (84) – Catherine, Kathryn
  50. Paisley (45) – Paislee

Skylar and Paisley enter the Top 50 of the 2015 Playground Analysis, while Gabriella and Annabelle fall.


Both the 2014 SSA list and the Playground Analysis had no major changes to the Top 6, however Jayden and all of its spelling alternatives continue to fall as it moves from #7 to #8 in the Playground Analysis (after falling from #3 to #7 last year). William moves up to #7, but the rest of the top names stay in position. The biggest movers were Kayden (#95 to #9) and Jace (#75 to #29).


  1. Jackson (17) – Jaxen, Jaxon, Jaxson
  2. Aiden (13) – Aaden, Adan, Aden, Aidan, Aydan, Ayden, Aydin
  3. Noah (1) – Noe
  4. Liam (2)
  5. Mason (3) – Maison, Mayson
  6. Jacob (4) – Jakob
  7. William (5)
  8. Jayden (20) – Jaden, Jadon, Jaiden, Jaydon
  9. Kayden (95) – Caden, Caiden, Cayden, Kaden, Kaeden, Kaiden
  10. Ethan (6)
  11. Alexander (8) – Alexzander
  12. James (7)
  13. Michael (9) – Micheal
  14. Elijah (11) – Alijah
  15. Benjamin (10)
  16. Daniel (12)
  17. Matthew (15) – Mathew
  18. Carter (24) – Karter
  19. Logan (14)
  20. Lucas (16)
  21. Grayson (47) – Graysen, Greyson
  22. David (18)
  23. Oliver (19)
  24. Joseph (21)
  25. Caleb (37) – Kaleb
  26. Dylan (27) – Dilan, Dillon
  27. Gabriel (22)
  28. Samuel (23)
  29. Jace (75) – Jase, Jayce
  30. John (26) – Jon
  31. Anthony (25)
  32. Christopher (32) – Cristopher, Kristopher
  33. Isaac (31) – Issac
  34. Luke (28)
  35. Henry (29)
  36. Andrew (30)
  37. Christian (43) – Cristian, Kristian
  38. Joshua (33)
  39. Wyatt (34)
  40. Landon (46) – Landen, Landyn
  41. Sebastian (35)
  42. Owen (36)
  43. Cameron (56) – Camren, Camron, Kameron, Kamren, Kamron, Kamryn
  44. Connor (54) – Conner, Conor, Konnor
  45. Nicholas (62) – Nickolas, Nicolas, Nikolas
  46. Jonathan (48) – Johnathan, Jonathon
  47. Nathan (38)
  48. Ryan (39)
  49. Jack (40)
  50. Julian (45) – Julien

Julian rises into the Top 50 of the 2015 Playground Analysis, while Hunter falls.

Does this echo what you are hearing on the playground?

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Most Popular Girls’ Names 2015

popular baby girl names 2015

by Pamela Redmond Satran

Charlotte, the name of Britain’s baby princess and the newest entrant to the US Top 10, reigns as the new Number 1 girls’ name on Nameberry’s 2015 popularity list.

Charlotte takes over from Imogen as the most-viewed girls’ name on Nameberry, reclaiming the crown she held on our site from 2009 through 2011.

Amelia, the official Number 1 girls’ name in England and Wales, stands at Number 2, and Ava moves all the way up from Number 26 to claim the third-place spot.

Olivia, Lucy, and Evelyn are new to Nameberry’s Top 10 for girls, taking over for Khaleesi, Violet, and Hazel.

Girls’ names new to Nameberry’s Top 100 are: Astrid, Avery, Eden, Eliana, Elise, Elsie, Emery, Emilia, Eva, Evie, Hadley, Julia, Leah, Nova, Quinn, Riley, Rowan, Sienna, and Thea.

The Top 10 furthest rising baby names for girls, with the number of places they’ve jumped in 2015 over 2014, are:

  1. Esme, +55
  2. Evelyn, +51
  3. Mia, +35
  4. Abigail, +32
  5. Luna, +30
  6. Chloe, +27
  7. Emily, +26
  8. Arabella, +24
  9. Ava, +23
  10. Anna, +22

The Nameberry popularity list gauges interest levels of visitors in names, measuring which of our name pages received the most of our over 300 million pageviews. The majority of people searching on the site are looking for names for their babies, so our popularity list measures which names parents are likely to be naming their children in 2015 and 2016, versus the official US popularity list, which looks at which names parents chose in 2014. Nameberry’s searches also register ups and downs in interest due to news – such as Princess Charlotte’s birth – or pop culture events.

In 2015, three names popularized by movies and television shows — Daenerys, Elsa, and Katniss — fell off the Top 100, while Khaleesi was one of furthest-falling.  Also vanishing from our popularity list are several girls’ names with the trendy double-l sound: Delilah, Lily, and Lola, though Lila remains strong at Number 24.

Our full Top 100 baby names for girls in 2015 is:

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Popular Names Your Mom Never Heard Of

new baby names

Great news! Your private lists are back! Access them through your member panel. It will be a few more days till you can modify lists or create new ones.

by Pamela Redmond Satran

Any newcomer to the contemporary world of baby names may be amazed at how diverse and – to use a Mom word – different names have become. In the generation since Mom was naming you, the list of US Most Popular Name has expanded to include more ethnically distinct names, words freshly morphed into names, and newly-minted monikers. Mom might not recognize many of today’s Top 500, used for hundreds of babies now but virtually nonexistent in the 1980s.

Warning: If you choose one of these names for your baby, you should expect surprise – or possible shock – from Mom (and Dad too).

Popular baby names today least likely to be familiar to your Mom include:

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