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What Are The Top Baby Names of the Future?

Here at nameberry, we’re not so much in the business of tracking which names are popular now – the Social Security Administration does that more accurately than we ever could – but of predicting which names are going to be popular in the future.  The reason for all this prognosticating: Many parents want to know which names that sound fresh and stylish today might be in for overexposure tomorrow.

To that end, we’ve come up with our picks for the top baby names a decade from now.  Some of these are already rising rapidly through the ranks; others might still be considered cutting edge (but won’t be for long).  And because we’re not perfect, we give alternative choices for each slot.

Here, the top baby names for both girls and boys for 2019.


1.    AVA – Glamour Girl name beats out Eva along with other A names for top spot.  Runner up: AVERY or ADA.

2.    AMELIA – New spin on long-time number one Emily and contender Emma.  Runner up: EMILIA.

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