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British Baby Names: Tops of the pops

British baby names were very much on the front burner this week, following the release of the official Top 100 popularity lists for 2010.  At the top was a pair of what sounds for all the world like uh-oh-matchy-matchy twin names, Olivia and Oliver

 Here’s how the rest of the Top 10 played out, with the comparative standing in the States in parentheses:

Olivia (Number 4 in the US)

Sophie  (59 )

Emily (6)

Lily (17)

Amelia (41)

Jessica (93)

Ruby (113)

Chloe (9)

Grace (18)

Evie (705)

and for boys:

Oliver (88)

Jack (44)

Harry (658)

Alfie (0)

Charlie (244)

Thomas (62)

William (the closest at #5)

Joshua (11)

George (164)

James (19)

(Though, as was pointed out last year, if the three main spellings of Muhammed were added together, that name would approach first place.)

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British Baby Names: Hot New Trends

This was one of those delicious mornings when I allowed myself to dip into the recent British baby names in the London Telegraph birth announcements. As usual, they didn’t disappoint (can you tell that my speech has suddenly acquired a British cadence?) and I managed to pick up on some actual trends.

The first is that, now that Americans have started following the British lead and using two middle names, the Brits are upping the ante by using three. Four first names total, ala Charlie Gaspar Geoffrey Langton: that’s one major new trend.

But in another way, British parents have started imitating Americans by using surnames and word names as middle names: besides Langton, there’s a Macmillan, a Melrose, a Tiger and a Capability here.

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