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We’re always adding new baby names to our database, and the latest collection all have international roots.  These additions were partially inspired by the update of our baby name popularity page to include Top 100 lists from several countries beyond the U.S.  We also thank Nameberry readers who contributed names from their home countries that were new to us.   Here, the dozen (plus) newest international baby names on Nameberry.

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New Zealand Name Report

New Zealand native Anna Hamilton parses the recently released Kiwi name statistics and analyzes what’s up and down, in and out, including such surprise (to us) hits as Aria, Ayla, Anahera, Manaia, and Sione..


Looking first at the boys: The big news here is that after a five-year reign, Jack was topped by Liam, Jack’s reign lasting one year less than his predecessor Joshua.  Liam, who placed seventh in 2009 (and also 2008) jumped up to the top, followed at second place by James, who has been in the Top 10 for the last eleven year, and at third is Oliver, who joined the Top 5 in 2009. Jack slips down to spot four, while William remains steady at five; Joshua and Samuel lose, but still stay within the Top 10.  Leaving the Top 10 are Thomas and Daniel, who fall to 11th and 16th respectively.  Taking their places are Jacob, jumping seven spots to 8th, and Lucas up one to get the last spot.

The biggest rises amongst the boys in 2010 were: Mason (Number 32), with a mighty leap of 22 spots, Brooklyn (#79), up 20, Ryder (#67) up 19 along with Edward (now #72) and then Quinn, bounding 16 places to Number 63, and Zachary (#49) up 14.

The biggest drops were nicknames Sam (#77) and Ben (#99), down 21 and 19 respectively.  Sebastian (#87) and Joel (#81) followed suit, down 16 each. Felix dropped down more than a dozen places–fifteen in fact– to number 98, just hanging in on the Top 100.  Gabriel (#95), Aidan (#76) and Jesse (#60) all fell 14 spots, with the traditionally spelled Aidan seven spots under the variation Aiden.

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