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By E. Wittig, aka “Frankie

We’ve just entered the period of the sign of Sagittarius, the archer.  Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is the ninth sign of the zodiac and is represented by a centaur drawing a bow.  Traits said to be shared by people born under the archer are generosity, honesty, and compassion as well as foolishness, pride, and frankness.  They are ethical but impulsive, and have a love of excitement and adventure.  Though the turquoise is their main gemstone, a handful of others represent them as well.

Other elements associated with this sign are the color purple, the narcissus, and the dandelion.  The archer is one of three fire signs along with Leo and Aries.  Here are some astrological names for a baby born between now and December 21st which reflect these attributes:

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Names on Fire

If you’re due very soon and so are expecting a Leo baby – or have or anticipate a child born under one of the other fire signs, Sagittarius or Aries – all I can say is: Lucky you.  I’m an Aries, my first child was a Sag, and my second a Leo, and we all live up to our characteristically fiery independent natures.

If you’re interested in a name that means or relates to fire for your own little fire sign baby, or its bright, energetic image simply appeals to you, consult this list of fiery names:

AGNI – Hindu god of fire, though to English speakers the name may sound more feminine than masculine.

AIDAN and AIDEN – Popular modern form of Aodh, meaning fiery, that’s well-used for boys and also a possibility for girls.  Meaning fire, Aodh (or Ae, which is pretty phonetic) was a name borne by several High Kings and mythological heroes.

AZAR – Attractive Iranian girl’s name that means fire.

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