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Unusual Names: This week’s Nameberry 9

This week, for her Nameberry 9 newsiest names blog, Abby (Appellation Mountain) Sandel comes up with some real surprises.

Never mind the number nine.  Last week’s news was abuzz with reports that baby number seven billion had joined the world on Monday.  The exact calculation is imprecise, so a number of newborns were dubbed Baby Seven Bil.  (Presumably some bear the name William, but I’ve yet to hear of one called Seven.)

So here’s the question: in a world of seven billion and counting, is any name really strange?  A few weeks ago, a back-to-school ad showed lunchboxes and assorted school supplies bearing names like Ethan and Emma and Grace, but also Gigi and Miko and CairoEven the most ordinary classroom is home to some pretty extraordinarily unusual names.

This week’s list is a nod to the tremendous diversity out there in Namelandia.  It gives us pause – how do you pronounce Saiorse?  Is Ellington a boy or a girl?  But it also creates space to use nearly any name under the sun.

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