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Nameberry Style: Living in Neon

This week Nameberry Style columnist Elisabeth Wilborn, of The Itsy Factor and You Can’t Call It It, looks on the bright side.

One year it was plaid. Then it was anything with horizontal stripes. This year, the undulating fashion wave has landed — undeniably — on neon. From orangeade colored sunglasses to shoelaces that bear an uncanny resemblance to antifreeze, neon is where it’s at this season.

In everything except baby names, the eighties is back. High top sneakers, the revivial of TRON, and Lady Gaga’s cover of Express Yourself I Was Born This Way, are all evidence that the decade we couldn’t wait to forget is back with a vengeance.

I surprise myself in being a big fan of this neon business. Try it with organic neutrals in beige and grey, metallic silver or even white eyelet—you may find that one eensie hue gives a traditional outfit a surprisingly contemporary lift. Stick to accessories if you’re afraid of going over board. This is one trend NOT to do head to toe.

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Nameberry Style columnist Elisabeth Wilborn of The Itsy Factor and You Can’t Call It It turns her eye this week to gear suitable for the youngest pirates.

Ahoy Mateys!

As pirate season appears on the horizon, here are a few picks (pilfered of course) to blend into the crowd– lest ye walk the plank.

Love Mae wall decals and a Gray Label kite go a long way toward adorning your young one’s quarters (nice names too!). Add a pirate kitty pillow and the family of of Stuf pirates for a full crew.

Need to dress him to fit the part? Any red and white stripe shirt will do as they’re super hot this summer, but we particularly like the soft cotton Milibe tee. Pair with the Coral and Tusk pirate patch, Wovenplay shark shorts and Jack and Lily shoes and you’re good to go. Sub flouncy skirt for the little lady in your life. The Winter Water Factory onesie and the blockhead toy would make a fabulous baby gift for a wee lad or lass.

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Top Girls’ Names: Transformed!

This week, Nameberry Style columnist Elisabeth Wilborn, of You Can’t Call It It and The Itsy Factor, waves her magic wand over the girls’ top 100 list and transforms overly-popular names with chic new alternatives.

The list of top girls’ names is brimming with gorgeousness. After all, the top girls’ names got that way because people love them.

But if you seek a more rare, chic alternative for your little one, play this game with me. Ask yourself, is it the sound that makes you fall in love with a name? Is it the fact that it honors your heritage? Perhaps it’s the meaning? Whatever the names’ deepest appeal, there may be another, less popular option that will satisfy you.

I had fun with this list, maybe even more so than with the boys’ names because there are just so many viable options to choose from.

How would you amp up the style of the girls’ names from the top of the chart, and are there any that you’re too in love with to change?

1) Isabella–>Mirabella
2) Sophia–>Louisa
3) Emma–>Alice
4) Olivia–>Ottilie
5) Ava–>Rita
6) Emily–>Cecily
7) Abigail–>Tabitha

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This week Nameberry Style columnist Elisabeth Wilborn, who also authors You Can’t Call It It and The Itsy Factor, picks the most stylish summer shoes for your little one.

Anyone else have a shoe fetish that they’ve passed down to their children?

One of my justifications for loving shoes too much: Footwear sets the tone for the rest of the outfit.  I rationalize the spending part by reminding myself that good shoes take care of growing feet.  Hey, they will wear the right shoes every day for months, right?

For a child’s shoe wardrobe, It’s nice to have the option of a color and a contrasting neutral (think metallic!), a water shoe and a shoe that can double for dressier occasions.  For toddlers, you also might want to choose shoes they can get on and off easily by themselves.  Have a baby at home?  Go shoeless!

Here are top children’s footwear picks for summer 2011, posted this last day of April because the good ones always go so fast!  Descriptions and buying links start below the photo; read from left to right, top to bottom.

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Nameberry Style: Good-Looking and Green

Love style?  Of course you do.  That’s why you’re on Nameberry in the first place.  Now we’re moving beyond helping you find your style in baby names to looking at all things stylish in products for babies, kids, moms and dads.  Today the new Nameberry Style column, by Elisabeth Wilborn of The Itsy Factor and You Can’t Call It “It,” turns its attention to baby products that are as green as they are good-looking.

Let’s face it: We all want eco friendly products for our children, but they’re not always that good looking. It’s just the truth. While at times beauty may need to take a back seat when it comes to saving the Earth, it doesn’t always have to. Lucky for us, companies are becoming more and more eco-conscious while preserving the integrity of design. Here are nine products that do just that.

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