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By John Kellymashed radish

From Nobel Prizes to the World Series, October 2016 gave us many surprises. Here’s a look back at some of the names in the news last month, and some of the surprises hiding inside their origins.


Musician Bob Dylan, born Robert Zimmerman, won this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature. Bob, a traditional pet form of Robert, may seem like a humble moniker for this living legend, but the name, from the Old High German Hrodberht, aptly means “bright-fame.” Dylan has said he changed his surname to Dylan in tribute to poet Dylan Thomas. Dylan, a Welsh name, comes from a root word for “sea,” expansive like the artist’s long career.

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It’s Pop’s turn!  For Mother’s Day we took a look at some of the more interesting names of the mothers of distinguished people, and now we do the same for the paternal parent.  Once more,  it turns out that an unusual number of past (and a few present) notables have had Dads with interesting, and sometimes surprising, names.  Here are some examples to prove the point:

ABRAHAM –Bob Dylan

ALFRED (called Freddie) — John Lennon

ALLANHerman Melville

ALLESSANDRO — Maria Montessori

ANDREJ — Andy Warhol

ARCHULUS — Truman Capote

AUGUSTINE —  George Washington

BAILEY —  Ray Charles, Maya Angelou

BELMONT — Humphrey Bogart

CASSIUS —  Mohammed Ali (pictured)

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