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This week Abby Sandel of Appellation Mountain speculates on the BeyonceJay-Z babe name possibilities and reports on other baby name news of the week.

The news that Beyoncé is going to be a mama set gossip blogs afire.  Ever since she and Jay-Z tied the knot, there was talk of a future Bey-Z.  Now speculation turns to the baby’s name.  Will they play it safe and name a son Shawn Carter, Jr.?  If we believe Jay-Z’s lyrics, he’s all about honoring his roots by calling a daughter Brooklyn.  Since Beyoncé is a spin on a family surname, it is possible they’ll look to their ancestors for inspiration.  How about Celestine or Gloria for a girl, or a son named Mathew or Lumis?

I’m rooting for Agnez for a daughter, in honor of Beyoncé’s grandmother.  Something tells me that the couple will surprise all of us.

On to the names in the news this week:

AfricaElea at British Baby Names rounded up the manxiest of the Manx names – appellations that flourished on that lonely island in the Irish Sea.  The native language is Celtic, but there are healthy doses of Norse influence, too.  I’m fascinated by Africa, also written Aufrica, a name that appears amongst the Manx ruling families.  See her full list here.

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