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Twilight Baby Names: Beyond Bella & Edward

Stephenie Meyer‘s Twilight series has been one of the biggest influencers of baby name trends in recent times, propelling Bella, Edward, Cullen, Esme, and a host of other names up the charts.  Here, nameberry intern DANIELLE MIKSZA, a Twilight fan, analyzes the Twilight baby names.

There’s been a vampire epidemic going on ever since Twilight hit theatres. Everywhere you look there’s Rob Pattinson’s face or Taylor Lautner’s abs, not that I’m complaining. But what’s even more interesting are the names author Stephenie Meyer chose for all the characters.

Although Bella is a klutzy, plain, and moody teenager, Stephenie Meyer chose a name for her heroine that means beautiful. Also, she gave her the elegant surname, Swan. It’s difficult to see why a powerful and handsome vampire like Edward would fall in love with a boring human when he’s surrounded by immortal beauties like Rosalie and Tanya.  I guess aside from the floral scent of her blood, Edward sees something lovable in Bella that no one else sees.

The name Edward is suitable for Meyer’s other main character because it is an old-fashioned name that means “wealthy guardian.” Edward, Bella’s immortal love, is so protective of her that it becomes annoying. He sneaks into her room at night and once followed her all the way to the bookstore to make sure she was safe. He sees himself as a dark version of her guardian angel and tries to buy her lavish gifts like a new car. I guess being over a century old and never having to worry about buying groceries, he has a few bucks stocked away.

Esme is another name that seems to be from a more elegant age. It means “beloved,” which is perfect when paired with Edward’s sweet and charming foster mother.

Bella’s mother, Renee, became fed up with her mundane life and left in search of a more exciting one. Renee left her husband, Charlie, and took off to Phoenix, where she married a young baseball player man named Phil. The name Renee fits the character’s personality because it has a young and spunky feel to it. Bella’s mother may have a few laugh lines here and there, but her spirit is anything but ancient.

Jacob Black is my all time favorite Twilight character. The only thing I wasn’t too fond of was his name: too good boy for a motorcycle rider whose sole purpose is to kill vampires. But after learning that the Jacob means “supplanter,” I once again applaud Stephenie Meyer for choosing an appropriate name. A supplanter is something that takes the place of something else, fitting for a human who changes into a wolf.

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The Golden Globe nominations are out and the Oscar hopefuls will soon follow, but somehow or other they’ve neglected to even consider a key category: the most interesting, innovative character names of 2009.

So we’ve put together a list of possible nominees.  Of course, since there were more than 700 movies released (or about to be) this year, we couldn’t get to see every cast list of every native and foreign film, but we did look at most of the major releases.  In the list below, you’ll find some quirky sci-fi choices and exotic options from other cultures.  Some of the names will be familiar from previous Harry Potter and Twilight and Star Trek franchises, so we tread lightly there.  And there’s the usual caveat–we make no moral judgments, so both good guys and bad guys, saints and sinners are included.


AGNESS —  It’s Complicated

AUTUMN —  (500) Days of Summer

BLISS —  Whip It

CLARISSA The Lovely Bones

COCO —  Coco Before Chanel

CORALINE —  Coraline

CORBI —  Whip It

BELLATRIX —  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

ÉLOÏSE  —  Summer Hours

EMILIENNE —  Coco Before Chanel

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