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S Surnames for Girls: Sutton, Sloane and More

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baby name sutton

By Abby Sandel

Taylor gave way to Madison, and now Harper is poised to crack the US Top Ten. But some of the most stylish surname names for girls are brought to us by the letter S.

Talented actress Sutton Foster (shown) has put her name on the map, and Sloane brings to mind everything from the stylish 1980s Londoners known as Sloane Rangers – the late Princess Diana was one – to Ferris Bueller‘s Day Off.

Let’s take a look at all of the possibilities:

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Today, Appellation Mountain‘s Abby Sandel looks back over the 459 names she’s chosen in her weekly Nameberry 9’s this year and picks out her top favorites.

Nine names per week over 51 weeks equals 459 names.  They’re classic, they’re quirky, and sometimes they’re downright strange.  But when I sat down to review a year’s worth of Nameberry posts, I realized that most of them are actually pretty wearable.

Very few of them repeat – something that surprised me, as it so often seems that a name is suddenly everywhere all at once.  Some garnered lots of positive comments while others went completely unnoticed.

My favorite comment?  “No, don’t mention THAT name.  It’s the top of our list!”  As I scrolled through the posts, there were more than a few groans of disappointment.

The best names, though, aren’t necessarily the ones that will be racing up the popularity charts.  I’m most attracted to the ones that seem novel – unlikely to catch on, but probably part of a bigger change in how we think about names.

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