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Easter Names: From Acacia to Pascal

It’s time again for our annual Easter basketful of names—those that relate directly to the holiday and relevant biblical personages, Easter nature names and names that suggest rebirth.


Easter – Less common than Christmas but definitely a holiday name that works in its plain English version.

Parasha – A Russian girls’ name that means “born on Good Friday.”

Pascal etc. – There are many attractive versions of this name. The French Pascal, for boys, and Pascale for girls is especially appealing. The Spanish versions are Pascual and Pascuala; Italian is Pasquale.

Pascoe – English twist (Cornish, technically) on the Easter name popular in medieval times. Pasco is another spelling.

Sunday This day name somehow seems best related to the Easter holiday and season.


James, John and Peter – Prayed in the garden with Jesus (but fell asleep)

Joanna – Lesser known Biblical personage who was one of the women at Jesus’ tomb.

Joseph of Arimathea – According to the Bible, wrapped the body of Jesus in a clean shroud and placed it in his own tomb.

Mary Magdalene – The prime female figure in the Easter story, she witnessed the crucifixion, accompanied the body to the tomb, and later with the other women discovered the Resurrection. A saint, she is a symbol of penitence. Her name means “from Magdala.”

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