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Beach Baby Names

This summer, the ocean’s influence can be found in the latest and coolest baby names, both unusual and traditional. Whether it’s the sandy dunes off the shore, the seaweed that washes up in the waves, or even the ancient gods and goddesses who controlled the seas, these fresh new baby names all allude to the extraordinary appeal of the coast.Here are a few of the coolest new beach-inspired baby names:

Beach– This boys’ name could pay homage to the 1950’s American boy-band The Beach Boys or be an evocative choice for hard-core beach lovers.

Cordelia– Meaning “heart; daughter of the sea,” Cordelia’s origin is Latin and Celtic. In Shakespeare’s tragedy King Lear, Cordelia was the King’s youngest and favorite daughter. Though a bit grown up sounding, it also yields the fresh nicknames Cora, Delia, Del, Lia, and Cory.

Doris This female name is Greek, meaning “gift of the ocean.” A longtime grandma name, Doris is not quite back but could make a Geek Chic choice for the adventurous parent.

Dune– A unisex name! Dune can also allude to the science-fiction franchise stemming from Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel.

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Appellation Mountain‘s Abby Sandel finds some truly extraordinary names in this week’s baby name news.

Too often I’m casually dismissive of Top 100 names.  It isn’t that they’re not likable – most popular names are tremendously appealing, otherwise they’d never reach such great heights.  Still, mentions of Isabella and Chloe, Noah and Logan are so constant that they fade into the background.

Except that sometimes there’s a story about a name that reminds me of how wrong-headed that attitude really is.  The tenth anniversary of September 11th included so many heart-breaking accounts, but here’s the one I noticed: a little girl called Grace, whose father died in the attacks just weeks before she was born.  In the face of unthinkable tragedy, her name shines.

On to the names in the news this week:

Enoch – Sweet and somber at once, Gus Van Sant’s quirky little indie flick Restless includes a romantic hero called Enoch, along with characters named Annabel, Mabel, Alger, and Hiroshi.  It screened at Cannes in the spring, and opens in the US next week.  Old Testament boys’ names have been vogue for years, but Enoch is rarely used.  I’m not sure about his sound, but I do love his meaning – dedicated.

Madison – From the obscure to the over-exposed, Spice Girl Mel B’s third daughter wears the wildly popular appellation Madison.  It turns out that Melanie let her oldest daughter, twelve-year-old Phoenix Chi, choose her new sister’s name.  This makes Melanie far braver than most of us!  I wonder if it also suggests that Phoenix would have preferred less of a stand-out name?  The family also includes Mel’s daughter Angel Iris.  Dad is movie producer Stephen Belafonte, father to Giselle.  The four girls’ names defy categorization, but Phoenix, Giselle, Angel, and Madison still sound like sisters.

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