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For many decades, baby namers have had a mad romance with Irish family names. From Ryan to Riley to Rowan, Connor to Quinn, the US popularity rolls have been populated with cheery Irish surnames. Below are 12 of the many that embody that infectious Celtic charm—some of them new to the scene, others on their way up, and a few from the past that deserve a fresh look. By Linda Rosenkrantz

Though most of these names read boy, let’s not forget the female examples of Cassidy and Casey and Delaney and Murphy Brown, Tierney Sutton and Rooney Mara—that have gone to the other side!

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

The holiday we’re celebrating—originally called Decoration Day—was first commemorated in 1868, not long after the end of the Civil  War, the bitter, bloody battle between the North and the South that ripped the country apart.

Over the course of the war, more than a thousand soldiers reached the rank of general, six of whom, including Ulysses (born Hiram) S. Grant, went on to become U. S. presidents. And for our purposes, they provide us with a fascinating range of period names.

In addition to the expected profusion of Johns, Jameses, Williams and Thomases, we find many Latinate appellations such as Augustus, CassiusMarcellus, Gustavus and Theopholus; word names like Strong and Pleasant, and surnames Sullivan, Johnson and Jones.

From this cornucopia of intriguing choices, we pick 15 of the best:

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Poet Names: Chaucer, Cullen & Kipling

It’s National Poetry Month, the perfect moment to celebrate the bards and bardesses of the past and present, a surprising number of whom just happened to born with birth-certificate-ready surnames. In addition to those below, there are other great choices like Auden, Eliot and Emerson, Lowell, Millay, Nash, Owen, Poe, Reese and Schuyler, but we’ve picked what we think are the best poet names for now.

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News Flash! News Flash!

The Social Security Administration has just released its list of Top Names of 2009, and, as predicted by many nameberryites, Isabella has dethroned Emma for first place.  Jacob remains the top name for boys, as it has been since 1999.  One of the ayden boys has finally cracked the Top 10, with Jayden in at number eight, and Noah is also new in the golden circle at #9.  For girls, the newcomer was Mia, moving up from #14 to #10.

Biggest jumps were for Maliyah, a take on the First Daughter’s name, and for boys, the Twilight influence was reflected in the spurt of Cullen, surname of Edward.

Top twins were Isabella and Sophia–a real move away from the matchy-matchy first initial names.

More coming, but in the meantime, here is the official press release from the SSA which has a link to the Top 1000.

We’ve spent much of the day blogging for the Daily Beast and for USmagazine (soon to be posted in their Moms & Babies section.

In the meantime, we’ve been wildly impressed with the astute comments you’ve been posting on the blog and hope everyone is following them!!

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