Most Popular Baby Names of 2017

The biggest news in this year’s most popular baby names in the US is that there’s a new boys’ name at the top of the list.  Liam, the Irish short form of William, long used on its own, moves from second place to first.

For girls, Emma is Number 1 for the fourth time, while newcomers to the girl Top 10 list are Amelia and Evelyn. Oliver and Logan are the new boys  in the Top 10, Oliver entering at Number 9 and Logan making a remarkable leap from 18 to 5. Evelyn broke back into the Top 10 for the first time since 1915!

Other big climbers in the Boy Top 50 are Wyatt, up 8 places, Mateo, up 17 and Lincoln up 9. Bella squeezed onto the Top 50, after being #78 in 2016. Other rising girls: Luna, thanks to diehard Harry Potter fans, rose 40 places to reach #37, Bella entered the Top 50 after being 78 last year, and Mila, Nora and Hazel also made substantial gains.

Who have they displaced at the very top? Emily and Harper are no longer Top 10 girl names, while for boys long-running Michael and biblical Ethan have dropped down.

The Top 10 baby names for 2017 in the US, with comparisons to their standings in 2016, are:

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New Number 1 Boys’ Name!

popular baby names 2017

Liam is the new Number 1 boys’ name for 2017, the Social Security Administration announced, with Emma remaining at Number 1 one for girls.

This year’s top baby names contains more new entries than in several years. Amelia vaults onto the girls’ Top 10 at Number 8, followed by newcomer Evelyn at Number 9.

On the boys’ side, Logan appeared on the Top 10 for the first time at Number 5, with new boys’ names Elijah at 8 and Oliver at 9.

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By Clare Green

This week’s news includes the final countdown to the 2017 name data, names inspired by Star Wars, country music and the Amazon, and fantastic four-letter names.

Your countdown to 2017’s top names

This is not a drill: the US Social Security Administration will release the most popular baby names of 2017 tomorrow (Friday, May 11). Maybe you want to check how popular your child’s name was, or maybe you just love diving into the data. Whatever kind of name lover you are, the wait is nearly over!

Even for those of us not in the States, it’s still a big occasion. The sheer number of babies born each year means there’s a huge pool of names, and lets us see trends in finer-grained detail than for most other countries. Plus the US is the source of so many names from popular culture that go on to spread worldwide.

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By Katherine Morna Towne

The name Mary and its variants Marie and Maria have been given to girls from humble families, royal families and every family in between for centuries (it was even suggested that the new Prince Louis might have been named Mary if he’d been a girl). In the US, Mary was the top name every year from when the Social Security Administration began keeping records in the late 1800s until 1961 (with a few-year stint at Number Two from 1947 to 1952).

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

Primrose, Magnolia, Lilith, Hawthorne, Eben, Zeke Iron. And sibsets Juniper Rae and Indigo Rue, and Callum Rogers, Waverly Ren and Morwenna Jubilee. What’s this? Just another glorious month in the land of berrybaby names.

Here’s the full list of forum postings for April, including girl twins Rowan Violet and Indie Lola

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