Four Syllable Baby Names Hot Right Now

Four Syllable Baby Names Hot Right Now

Four syllable baby names are experiencing a surprise resurgence in the US, despite the preponderance of short, sweet picks at the top of international popularity charts.

Long and lovely choices like Olivia and Isabella, Alexander and Sebastian already rank in the Top 20 baby names in the US. Other popular four syllable names like Penelope and Valentina, Ezekiel and Santiago are rising rapidly up the Top 100 list.

Maybe it has something to do with Harry Potter attuning our ears to long, elaborate names like Xenophilius and Nymphadora. (Well… OK, maybe the world’s not quite ready for those just yet!)

Or perhaps parents are gravitating towards longer first names to balance out a short surname. After all, recent research has revealed that 8 out of 10 of the most common surnames in the US today are only one or two syllables long.

Today, we take a look at the best popular and unique four-syllable names for girls and boys, split into four tiers to suit all tastes.

Which group fits your style best? And which four-syllable baby names are your favorites?

Fashionable Names with Four Syllables

The top four-syllable names, widely popular or rising fast on the popularity charts, include the following stylish choices.

Uncommon Traditional Four Syllable Names

If you’re looking for a four-syllable name with history, which feels familiar but not overused, one of these long and lovely choices could suit.

Cool and Quirky Four Syllable Names

Stylish four syllable names which feel quirky, but not too crazy, include several cool choices already starting to gain attention from adventurous baby namers.

Big and Bold Four-Syllable Names

These unique and unconventional four-syllable baby names are certain to stand out from the crowd!

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