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By Abby Sandel

Last week, we learned the new most popular baby names in the US for calendar year 2016.

We also learned that some of you have crystal balls!

Our contest to guess the newest names on the list challenged readers to identify which boy name and girl name that didn’t appear in the 2015 Top 1,000 would rank highest in the 2016 data.

Two of you nailed it exactly. Congratulations to Miss Bennet for identifying Royalty as the highest debut for girls, at Number 532, and EmilyGC for guessing Fox for boys, at Number 746.

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By Abby Sandel

In just one more week, the US Social Security Administration will release the new Top 1000 list of popular baby names of 2016. It’s Mardi Gras meets the Super Bowl for name lovers, and we’ve all got our ideas about what the data will bring.

We’ve already shared some guesses about names to watch. Now it’s your turn: what will be the biggest debuts (or returns) to the charts?

Every year, around 90 of the names in the official Top 1000 weren’t there the year before. In some cases, they’re comebacks. Louisa and Frankie, Cordelia and Marjorie have all returned to the rankings after long absences for girls over the last few years. On the boys’ side, we’ve welcomed back Otis and Clyde, Louie and Gordon.

But for every retro revival, there are plenty of brand new names. And it’s often the brand new names that garner all the attention. They’re nearly always driven by the pop culture headlines of the previous year.

Still, it’s not always easy to guess which name will leap from obscurity to a high place on the charts.

That’s where you come in!

This year, we’re awarding prizes to the berries who pick the highest debuting boy or girl name. Each reader can guess one of each; the first correct comment for each gender wins.

The prize? Bragging rights, of course. But you’ll also choose between a private name consult with Nameberry’s Name Sage, or any one of the baby name books from our online store.

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The Nameberry Matt Damon Baby Name Contest came to a close just before Stella Zavala was born on Sunday, joining sisters Alexia, Isabella and Gia.

Almost 250 responses poured in, entering what seemed like just about every a-ending Latinate girl’s name from Adriana and Ariana to Verona and Viviana.

But one entrant came up with Stella, and that was Stephanie Bailey.  Congratulations, Stephanie–your signed set of our books is headed for the mail!

Stella is currently #126 on the popularity list, and has been rising steadily since it reappeared on the list in 1998, in the wake of Ella, Bella and Isabella.  In our recent tally, Stella was #1 among starbabies, used by such celebs as Tori Spelling and Ellen Pompeo

As for our winner, Stephanie, 30, works as a program analyst for the California State Energy Commission.  Long name obsessed, she has a daughter named Savannah Harper–the second name  in honor of the author of one of Stephanie‘s favorite books and Ben Harper, who wrote “our song.”

Again, congrats to Stephanie and thanks to all the rest of you who entered!

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Enter the New Nameberry Contest!!!

baby names book

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and to baby name fanatics that means one thing beyond cards and flowers: that the release date of the latest figures from the Social Security Administration is only a few weeks away. We’ll soon know whether or not Emily and Jacob have finally been overtaken for first place and which names have made the biggest leaps and suffered the greatest drops. Will some of the Classic Boys be replaced by newer choices? Who will win the Ava-Isabella-Olivia-Sophia race?

Nameberry’s First Mother’s Day Contest wants to know what you think. Send your rankings for the Top Ten Girls and Top Ten Boys to, and the first person to get it right will be rewarded with a quartet of personally signed book prizes, including an advance copy of our newest, not-yet-published BEYOND AVA & AIDEN.

Just to remind you of last year’s top names:

4. AVA…………. JOSHUA


First and foremost, the winner will get the very first look–six weeks ahead of publication–of BEYOND AVA & AIDEN: THE ENLIGHTENED GUIDE TO NAMING YOUR BABY, with our latest assessments of what’s hot, what’s cool, and what’s new for the coming years, with all-new, up-to-date lists and trends, personally signed by both Pam and Linda.

In addition, you will receive autographed editions of three of our classics:



Only one entry per contestant.  Contest closes at midnight PST on May 7, 2009.   Winner must list the 2008 U.S. Top Ten Girls’ Names AND the Top Ten Boys’ Names in the correct order, according to the Social Security Administration list.  If no one guesses the correct order, Pam and Linda will choose a winner from the entires that come closest. Nameberry reserves the right to announce the name of the winner.

So enter today—and good luck!!

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