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12 Awesome Arabic Names

Arabic baby names

By John Kelly, MashedRadish

During Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims across the globe—about a quarter of the world’s population—fast from dawn to sunset for the month. Observance of the fast, which forms one of the Five Pillars of the Islam, helps Muslims get closer to Allah. As Muslims ready to mark Ramadan on May 26, let’s take a closer look at some awe-inspiring, and perhaps surprising, names that come from Arabic, the original language of the Koran and spoken by many millions of the faith.

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16 Arabic Names Ready to Import

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By Sophie Kihm

Arabic names haven’t “made it” yet in the United States. Despite millions of Arab-Americans, only three Arabic names are in the US Top 100 of 2014–Aaliyah, Layla, and Lila.

But by no means are Arabic names only reserved for people with this heritage. Many of us feel comfortable giving our children French names (even though we’re not French), English names (even though we’re not English), and Hebrew names (even though we’re not Jewish). The same should hold true with Arabic names.

There are plenty of beautiful, accessible options, so open your mind, and get ready to fall in love with some Arabic names!

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Secret Nature Names: Looking to the sky

Secret nature names are an intriguing category: baby names that reference animals or weather or some other aspect of nature in their meaning without being explicit about it the way names such as Lily and Fox are.

If you’re a nature lover but value subtlety in your name choices, these kinds of secret nature names may be perfect for you.  We’ve explored secret garden names in the past, but today we turn our attention to nature names from the sky: names that mean butterfly and bird, that relate to rain and clouds and the sky itself.

Here, a wide range of secret nature names from many cultures:


Alizeh – This Persian name meaning “wind” was used by actress Geena Davis for her daughter.

AmayaAmaia is a Basque name but its homonym Amaya is a Japanese name that means “night rain”.

Branwen — A Welsh name that might be thought of as Bronwen‘s lesser-known cousin, Branwen means “blessed raven.”

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