Beyond Ava & Aiden PDF

Beyond Ava & Aiden

Beyond Ava & Aiden is the all-new, down to the updated title, rendition of our original, million-selling baby name guide Beyond Jennifer & Jason. The contemporary version of our revolutionary guide looks at names from a subjective viewpoint, grouping them into such categories as names that are coming into style and names that sound smart, names that work for either gender and those that transcend their classic roots. This up-to-the-minute edition of "the best baby-naming book ever written" will enlighten and inspire your own choice of the best possible name for your child.

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Cool Names for Babies PDF

Cool Names for Babies

The baby name guide that contains only good names, this is our answer to the question we;re most frequently asked: What are the coolest names today? We list them all and put cool in a modern context, including:

  • Little Caesars: Led by celebrities (from Daniel Baldwin's Atticus to Julia Roberts's Phinnaeus), Latinate boys' names are hot, hot, hot
  • Scarlet Ladies: Sexy siren names, from Lola and Scarlett to biblical bad girls Salome and Delilah
  • Thunderbolts: Brisk and bold one-syllable boys' names like.

Our most popular ebook, this book appeals to hip, modern parents for whom style is the most important quality in a name.

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The Baby Name Bible PDF

The Baby Name Bible

The Baby Name Bible's A-Z look at over 50,000 names and hundreds of lists provides the basis for nameberry. Here, get the full information on every name in the book, all in one place. This edition includes exclusive (not found on nameberry!) symbols denoting which names are moving up and down in popularity, can work for both boys and girls, and are the authors; favorites.

Our most complete baby name guide includes more than 50,000 classic, creative, and international names, with meanings, origins, and our expert opinion and commentary.

Price: $4.99