October Babyberry Births: Two Margots & Two Judes

November 3, 2014 Linda Rosenkrantz

By Linda Rosenkrantz

I don’t know about you, but I get a tremendous kick every month seeing what names—after all the discussion and debate—Berries finally have chosen for their babes. There is always such a wonderful mix of surprising choices, unique combinations, new patterns emerging.

October brought three sets of twins—one each of the girl/girl, boy/boy and girl/boy varieties. Here is the list of October baby names chosen by our Berries:

Prudence Louise & Sybil Elizabeth

Dylan Joseph and James River

Elizabeth Ann & William Gunnard

The one repeated boy name was Jude—unless you want to count Miles and Myles–and on the girls’ side there were two Margots. There seems to have been a continuing increase in the use of two middle names.

Some of the more unusual names: a girl called Murron, and boys named Emrys and Wickham.


Adelaide Marie Clare, sister of Oliver George

Beatrix Mary Kathryn

“We chose Beatrix because we love all variants of it—the full name and the nickname options. We are tending to call her Beatrix or Bea but if she chose to use Trix or Trixie later in life that would be fine.”

Bonnie Lenora, sister of Emery Franklin and Olive Georgina

“…all our planned names seemed too rustic and polished. And to our surprise, one of our GPs seemed to fit perfectly, with the right balance between sophistication and spunk.”

Daisy Mae Leone

Eden Adair, sister of Roger Samuel, Asher Reed and Callum Gabriel

We love that Eden means “beautiful place” and Adair means “by the oak tree ford.”

Elizabeth Ann, twin of William Gunnard and brother of John Stephen

Galen Grace, sister of Mora Jane

Hermione Rose Lorien

We are aware that some will bring up Harry Potter, but we think people will get over it…Lorien is actually taken from Tolkien’s writing, whom I have always adored.”

Louisa Colette, sister of Hannah Rosalie and Evelyn Sofia

Luella Venezia

Margot Lux, sister of Lark Anais

Margot Story, sister of Henry Atlas

Murron Lydia Genevieve

Noemi Xochitl

“Xochitl is the Aztec (Nahuatl) word for flower.”

Phaedra Celeste, sister of Eres Felice and Sayen Ambrose

Prudence Louise, twin of Sybil Elizabeth, sister of Agatha Katherine

“Their first names are just names we have always loved since before Aggie was born, Prue’s middle name is after my sister and Sybbie’s is after both mine and DH’s grandmothers.”

Sadie Ehrhardt, sister of James Hamilton and Silas Augustine

Sarah Evelyn Mary, sister of James and Elizabeth

“…we had a lot of beautiful names for a little blonde girl and she came out dark-haired like her Mommy and nothing suited her.”

Sybil Elizabeth, twin of Prudence Louise and sister of Agatha Katherine


August Owen, brother of Sebastian, Oliver and Elliott

“We were immediately drawn to the name August when we found out I was pregnant, and he has a middle name to honor my granddad, as well as my dad who always wanted me to name one of my boys after his father.”

Dylan Joseph, twin of JamesRiverRiver, and brother of Serena Genevieve

Emrys Atticus, brother of Gabriel Christian

He was named from the Arthurian legend. We love the sound, meaning and history of the name. We also love Atticus because of its ties to American literature, as well as the sound.”

Foster Brennan, brother of Primrose Nunzia

Gus Edward, brother of Maeve Eleanor and Rose Evangeline

Ignatius Frederic, brother of Theodore Henry and Augustus Jack

JamesRiverRiver, twin of Dylan Joseph and brother of Serena Genevieve

Jameson Lewis

Jameson’s name comes from Daddy’s middle and Grandpa’s first, which are both James. Lewis is a dual homage to mine and my husband’s biggest passions: reading (CS Lewis– one of my favorites) and the great outdoors (Meriwether Lewis). “

Jude David Ernest, brother of Amelie Winter Rose

“We tossed around Austin and Otis but couldn’t agree and finally seemed to easily agree on Jude and I absolutely love it, it suits the chilled out little dude perfectly. Middle names are my Dad’s first and middle who passed away just over a year ago.”

Jude River Raymond, brother of Tess McKayla Sydney, Kaia Felicity Pearl and Jasper Silas Robert

Jude means Praise..And after so many hard pregnancies,… this pregnancy was easy and such a blessing…Water has been really significant to me…Most nights I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I had a warm bath. The pool was great exercise and I was able to labor in the tub too. Never thought I would use River, but I am so happy I did.”

Liev Killian Robert

Miles William

Miles is a name we both loved and William is after my grandfather. As a former child/teen berry I thought I would have the hardest time picking a name but I think the combo is spunky and classic at the same time, and we also got to honor my grandpa who is no longer with us.”

Myles Nicoli, brother of Violet Angelina and January Lucia

Roscoe Buddy Isaac, brother of Bryony Paige Evelyn and Devon Laura Evelyn

“We chose Roscoe because we love the name and not because I love Hollyoaks. Buddy was a last minute thing, it was originally going to be Alexander after both of our dads…We had been nicknaming the bump Buddy/Bud for about a month and a half and my husband was all for naming him Buddy but all I could think of was Buddy the Elf so it was a definite no go! It’s a nice story to tell him some day I guess…Isaac is a homage to my maiden name Isaacs.

Roy Weston

“I finally chose to use my father’s first name outright instead of a similar name and a variation of my brother Wesley’s name for his middle…I get a lot of shocked looks over his name, as not many people have met a Baby Roy in several decades. But, to me, it’s a name as handsome as my late father and his new namesake.”

Simon Gabriel, brother of Eliana Catherine

Wickham Henry, brother of Cates Margaret

He is named after his great-uncle Wickham and great-grandfather Henry.”

William Gunnard, twin of Elizabeth Ann, brother of John Stephen


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